I Woke Up With a Pep in My Step

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Today I woke up feeling the need to get things done. I got a good 8 hours uninterrupted sleep and that sure helps! For a parent that is the same as winning the lottery.

I’ve done the dishes, 2 loads of laundry, drank a full 16oz bottle of water (working on upping my water intake), went for a run ALONE (first time, YAY!), showered and shaved, fed Nico and now he’s just laying on my chest sleeping as I write this. It’s only 9:40 am! 
I wonder what else I can get done today? I’ve been slowly brainstorming ideas for his birthday party coming up in a few months and did buy some items yesterday to create an idea board so I won’t be so scattered.  I won’t do a big party, it’s just not how I am but it will certainly be memorable! 
How did your day start? Wishing it was over or ready to tackle it?
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One thought on “I Woke Up With a Pep in My Step”

  1. Seize the good and productive days! Thats my moto! 😛

    Eu ia te falar… Não tenho conseguido ir a academia, tenho que ter muita disciplina com o horário e não estava working out.. Eu ia protelando e no fim da contas preferia dormir! Comecei a fazer pilates! A aula é agendada então da pra prep e também não tem desculpa pra faltar! Tá pago, agendado, Its a date! Fora que eu li que é muito bom pro pós parto! God knows I need it… Comecei ler sobre abdominal diastase e fui correndo procurar um studio… There's a hole na minha pança!!!

    Vou tentar correr nos fds!!!!


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