Supercharge Your At Home Facials

I remember when I was a teenager a few short years ago (Don’t laugh) I was obsessed with masks and at home facials. I’m not kidding! Egg masks, putting ice on my face… whatever it was I tried it.

Of course being such a young girl I didn’t have access to fancy treatments and masks so a girl had to improvise and use mama’s products/pantry goodies.  However, now that I’m a little bit older I still obsess over facial products, taking care of my skin has always been important and it just makes a lady feel better! Continue reading “Supercharge Your At Home Facials”

Flawless Skin In a Few Minutes a Day

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Everyone wants Flawless skin and I have been a secret beauty creams, facial masks and all things skin hoarder for years. I mean, YEARS. Ever since I hit puberty I was obsessed with beauty products. If you look under my bathroom counter, you will see countless products I have purchased. When I say I’m obsessed I truly am. I’ve got no shame. Continue reading “Flawless Skin In a Few Minutes a Day”