Stay in Your Pajamas, It’s Okay.

Maybe you’re a wake up in the morning, shower, shave, put on make up, coffee and off you go kinda mom.

But I AM NOT! A good day is when I actually get out of my pajamas and have underwear on.

Sometimes this happens early on, and sometimes it’s around 2 pm. If that. I mean, why change? It’s the same every day.

Out of that first phrase the only constant is the COFFEE.

Are you with me?
Who needs pants anyways? or underwear for that matter.

I don’t have it all together and if you do you’re lying to yourself or you’re about to break down with all of the things you are trying to accomplish or maybe you are a superhero and you can’t tell anyone.

Mom, it’s okay.. Chill out! Stay in your PJ’s, leave that laundry basket (which BTW, the clothes I neatly folded last night and put in the basket, my son casually walked up to it and turned it all upside down. You bet your ass I just picked it up and just put it all back in however way it fell out.) And that’s alright too.

There isn’t a laundry police. Is there? I hope not.

I’m feeling all kinds of funny today, maybe it’s because my child decided he didn’t want to nap yesterday at his regularly scheduled time and went to sleep around 1 pm instead of 9:30/10 am, which drove me bananas. I finally woke him up around 3:50 pm or else this kid was never gonna fall asleep at bedtime. WHICH HE DIDN’T.

He went to bed around 9:50 PM //  Big NO-NO. 

To add to the loveliness of his new schedule, he decides 6 AM is a great time to be up and running. So forgive me if I’m not exactly Mrs. Happiness. I sound a little distraught no? Well, this was how my Monday & Tuesday morning was.

Thankfully last night, he went to bed at a decent time. I went to bed at a decent time and he woke up at his normal 7ish AM. You can’t begin to understand how great it feels to have normal, predictable sleeping patterns.

How about you? Has your days been crazy? What do you do to keep sane? Let me know in the comments below.

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