Real Life Update ♥

Real life update

Wow, my first post of the year is in the middle of February. Don’t be alarmed, all is well aside from a few hiccups this year that have left me without direction.  I hope your year got off to a better start than mine, if not… don’t worry – we can make it up.

I like to start my year planning everything. I have my trusty bullet journal that I depend on to keep on track. But the year started off bumpy. My son’s birthday is two weeks into the year and I like to plan thematic parties (I’ll have a post up about his party).  Check out his adorable vintage airplane party here.

Aside from the fact that we’ve just got off all the holidays happening at the end of the year, I have to jump right into a big party.

Seriously bad idea to have a kiddo be born in January FYI. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I got terribly sick the following day after his birthday and was in bed for over 2 weeks. You can imagine life got a little messy with mom in bed for that long.

So here I am still picking up the pieces, trying to get organized, playing catch up with e-mails and apologizing to people for not getting back to them sooner.

Real life updateMy Bullet Joural planning skipped January all together and I started fresh in February, although I’m still playing catch up and I hope to get some great content up for you guys. I’ve posted about my Bullet Journal on Instagram take a look.

Here’s to a Happy New Year! Even if it started now. Thanks for being readers here, I appreciate every single 10 of you, just kidding, the 15 of you will do.

P.S. Have a happy Valentine’s Day ♥

Love & Happiness to you all,


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