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Welcome to my little corner of the world. Nice to see ya! I’m Ellen Oliveira…. mama, wife, mommy blogger, Christ follower, music lover, singer and warm weather is my thing. I jump to and fro red and white wines (currently digging on some chardonnay) Obsessed with drinking sparkling water and black coffee. (I never run out of these 3 drinks)

I’m not into sweets but can devour french fries like nobody’s business.  I’m just a mom trying to get through the day without day time drinking and losing those last few pregnancy pounds that never seem to go away.

Thanks for checking Young Love Mommy out (YLM for short). I’m really glad you are here.  I really am. It means what I’m writing is reaching folks and that’s the whole point!

I started this blog soon after my son was born. I had become a research freak! Most of everything I give him, feed him, buy for him is extensively researched.  It’s made me a bit paranoid but at least I’m well informed. With this blog I share just that. Whether it be an awesome product I was introduced to, a cool new parenting style I’m digging or a rant you are sure to find it here. Who knew I would a mommy blogger and for this long?

I hope to enlighten some of you, make you laugh, encourage or just simply say.. I get it!

Whether you’re a new mom, have been a mother for years or contemplating becoming one, this will be a place where we can share our knowledge and help each other out. I’m sharing a little bit of everything on this blog from our daily lives, travel, lifestyle, tips & tricks, DIY projects (I like to party plan)…  You’ll find a little bit of everything here

Prior to becoming a mother I never knew about topics such as Baby led weaning, co-sleeping, CIO, baby wearing, HUH? As I’m sure some of us still haven’t.  But in the world of motherhood there is so much to learn and I hope to do just that. I’m not here to tell you how you should parent your child, I’m here to shed some light into what my life is a like a mother and maybe learn new things and share what I’ve learned with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by!  Drop me a comment or visit me on social media (I’m most active on instagram)

It takes a village.

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