Spit up everywhere

Baby Nico woke up for his feeding at 4:10 am. So I do just that. He seems content but as I put him on my shoulder to burp the little guy he spits up. I turn him around.. I examine his lips — seem pretty clean I don’t know what all that noise was.. Alas I turn around and feel both of my pillows wet along with my bed sheets. So I do what any sane person would, I stay still and begin soothing my baby back to sleep while feeling the cold milk touching the side of my arm. He’s out cold, I place him in his bassinet and begin to “clean” (mostly smear spit up more, thank God for pillowcases) I get up get a towel to lay down on the bed sheet, new pillowcase, & pajama pants (those got dirty too) and throw the dirty stuff on the floor (might I add.. Hubby didn’t move an inch.. I’m a ninja) and back to sleep I go. 

So that’s it! I’ll deal with that later. For now it’s snuggle time.
Share your spit up stories below.
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4 thoughts on “Spit up everywhere”

  1. I believe we were simultaneously changing sheets!! My girl (can't remember which) spit up all over mine too. And when I told my husband he's like really? But seriously who wants to sleep on spit up!!! Love your blog 😉

  2. Yea, can you imagine when it's a constant spit up and poop? Both my girls are allergic to milk. So their diapers are literally explosions! (was, for Emily and IS for Olivia). Clothes and sheets pretty much EVERYDAY! imagine my laundry pile!?

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