Coping With Stress Brought on by Motherhood

I don’t know when my obsession with silence started but I can only guess it was after I became a mom. I’ve never needed so much quiet time as possible as I need now. When you’re in mom mode you are in constant movement.  Saying NO for the millionth time in a row or keeping your child from electrocuting themselves is a perpetual nightmare.

When my son is napping that’s when I usually write or do something that would work out better if he wasn’t around like an important phone call. Maybe I’ll put on a movie or clean something.  But there are a few things I will not do, which are run the dishwasher or laundry (unless it’s just folding). I don’t mind certain noises, but even the sound of the AC turning on makes me want to get up and turn it off.

It gets worse when bedtime comes around. After he is down for the night, I DEFINITELY do not want to hear any noises at home. Doors opening and closing are something that truly irk me. I don’t mind having the T.V. on but it has to be a level next to impossible to hear (I usually just read the caption). I’m so paranoid that I will do something to wake Nico up that a pin drop will irritate probably.

I’m telling you this because I am truly obsessed. I haven’t run across any other moms (not personally) that obsess over noises as much as I do. It’s gotten to a point sometimes that I just feel it’s better for me to go to bed than get irritated by random noises. Could it be motherhood has caused me to go bonkers? (more bonkers than I already was?)  Being alone is also something I treasure like crazy now. I just need a few minutes to myself. Not making anyone food, not cleaning up after anyone, just me… alone… with a cellphone in hand. I know this one for sure most moms would agree on. Feels like a vacation doesn’t it? Ahhhh 5 minutes of silence and solitude.

I find peace in solitude.. truthfully I’ve never been one to enjoy crowded, loud places and I’ve determined that it’s okay for me. So tell me there is one of you out there that obsess with being left alone?  Motherhood is the toughest, most draining job there is and of course it’s rewards are incogitable but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is HARD. De-stressing at the end of the day is necessary for every one and I hope you also have a healthy way of doing that.

We all joke about how moms are infatuated with wine. There are countless memes on the internet recounting of such tales. But I can tell you that they are true and wine is a great stress-reliever when consumed responsibly.

Having some time for meditation also is a great stress-reliever.  This one is a difficult one for me but I think it’s the most helpful. We always want to be “doing” something and having 10 minutes of silence can be a great way to re-compose ourselves. If you can go for a walk during your quiet time, even better. You can get your exercise in and clear your head at the same time.

Something else that helps me is reading books. I love buying new books and with mostly every book imaginable available at our fingertips now with online shopping, if you want to read something right now buying the kindle version of it, is just a few seconds away.  I have a few that I’ve downloaded all ranging in different topics, this way I can read something to go according to how my day went.

These are easy things we can do to make sure we remain sane throughout our journey through the very tumultuous thing they called motherhood.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by and hope I’ve given you some tips to help coping with stress. Do you have any tips for dealing with stress? Let me know in the comments below.

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Books I’m Reading & Recommend

For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker
The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori
Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom by Pamela Druckerman

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Spit up everywhere

Baby Nico woke up for his feeding at 4:10 am. So I do just that. He seems content but as I put him on my shoulder to burp the little guy he spits up. I turn him around.. I examine his lips — seem pretty clean I don’t know what all that noise was.. Alas I turn around and feel both of my pillows wet along with my bed sheets. So I do what any sane person would, I stay still and begin soothing my baby back to sleep while feeling the cold milk touching the side of my arm. He’s out cold, I place him in his bassinet and begin to “clean” (mostly smear spit up more, thank God for pillowcases) I get up get a towel to lay down on the bed sheet, new pillowcase, & pajama pants (those got dirty too) and throw the dirty stuff on the floor (might I add.. Hubby didn’t move an inch.. I’m a ninja) and back to sleep I go. 

So that’s it! I’ll deal with that later. For now it’s snuggle time.
Share your spit up stories below.
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S*it they don’t tell you

Motherhood is a blessing. So much love in such a little person but there’s things they don’t tell you. But before you read all of that, here’s a picture of my little man. Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?

As I was making my bed (at 5:30 pm, really? Why bother?) I was thinking .. I should really start a blog about things pertaining motherhood that I didn’t know and know now.  I spend most of my days just holding a hungry, sleepy and/or cranky baby… Lots of time to read  mommy blogs.  Most of what I read is women getting s*it done.  But how? I mean.. These women are amazing.  They exercise, feed their children organic home made stuff, do arts & crafts, grocer y shop, run an etsy shop, write their blogs and me??? If I brush my teeth before 3 pm I’m winning. 
I meant to start this blog post yesterday, but didn’t get to it!! 
Props to the moms that get things done. Me??? You can find me failing daily with unbrushed hair & teeth anytime. 
What about you? Share something about motherhood that completely surprised you. 
I’ll mostly be using the mobile app… So forgive me for any mistakes— you can also blame it on sleep deprivation.