Cozy Girl Gift Guide // Holiday Edition

Gift Guide for the cozy girl

Cozy Girl Gift Guide

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I don’t know about you, but you won’t find me in a lot of heels or out and about. I’m all about the home and the Cozy Girl life. The choices below are all items on my wish list or I own and recommend.

Although it’s holiday season, these gifts are good all year round! If you have a cozy girl in your life or you are one, you need to forward this gift guide to your whomever needs to see this, definitely some ideas for the Cozy Girl in us. Lots of snugly options for those Netflix and chill night.

Choosing just the perfect gift for the Cozy Girl in your life just got easier, even if you’re self gifting and you didn’t know you wanted these items – I’ve got you covered sis. You deserve a little luxury and coziness on your nights at home.

Who doesn’t love to be cozy? I’m all about that life! Being the home body that I am I try to make my nights as special as possible.

1// Phone Case

This case is just adorable! Every cozy night has a phone involved in it and this case is just the perfect color.

2// Cami 

Gorgeous cami for a sexy night at home, maybe it’s a hotter night and pj’s are not on the cards, this will be just the right amount of clothing.

3// Pajamas

For those cold winter nights where you just want to feel snugly and warm, this one is just too cute not to share.

4// Sweater

Have people over and you want a more dressed up cozy night choice? Then this is your should be your pick for the night.

5// Robe

Who doesn’t love a good robe? I’m usually in my robe and pj’s by 8 pm – No shame whatsoever.

6// Slippers

I’m either in socks or slippers at home too, being barefoot just drives me nuts. We have mostly tile at home and the cold floor is an invite for some cozy slippers for sure.

7// Pullover

This is probably the epitome of coziness, it’s like wearing a warm hug. I into those.

8// Wine Glass

I own these in gold and they are one of my most favorite wine glasses.
Fun & Fancy.

9// Coffee Mugs

These are the perfect mugs for some hot cocoa by the fireplace and a romantic comedy.

10// Throw

This is just a given really, nothing to add.

11// Wine Glasses

Another beautiful choice of wine glasses that are perfect for the cozy girl in your life.

12// Table Lamp

It’s a home item, but a good one. Dimmed lights do make a night more special it seems.

13// Cart

This bar cart is to die for and you don’t have to go far to grab all of your snacks and drinks for the night… bliss I tell ya.

14 // Pillow 

Lay your head back on this bad boy for a night to remember.

15//  French Press

What better way to wake for a wonderful night of slumber to some fresh brewed coffee. Nothing better. I like my coffee black please.

16// Google Home

We love using this at home, it really is amazing how much it can do for you. You can play games or listen to some music. If you haven’t gotten one for yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing.

17// Old Fashioned Glasses

Get these already, Kate Spade makes some really cute things and this is no different.

18// Rug

Roll around in this one, I just want to be surrounded by every soft surface imaginable, don’t you?

19// Blanket

Another comfy blanket, you can never have too many.

20// jo malone Candle

It’s hard shelling out for a pricey candle but for those special nights where I just want to be pampered, these do what they’re supposed to.

21// Diptyque Candle 

Candles, just like blankets – you can never have too many.

Whether it’s a night alone, a night with friends or a special someone, I picked out these gifts for every kind of night. I hope you enjoy this Cozy Girl Gift Guide. What’s your go-to  cozy item? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Shopping!

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Gift Guide for the Cozy Girl

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