Sleep deprived?

Just a little. 

Woke up at 7:20 am with baby making noises… I thought to myself did I forget to feed him at night when he woke up at 3 am? Apparently I thought I hadn’t slept enough and kid was still squirming over his 3 am feeding. God help me.
It all started like this:

Baby Nico gave a real hard time last night. I gave him a bath, went for a walk around the neighborhood and fed him and he just wouldn’t sleep soundly which in turn made him fussier. He was in my arms being rocked for a good two hours at least… And he would squirm and put his arms and get annoyed when his movements made his pacifier come out of his mouth. I’m officially the paci police. 
By this time he was hungry again, I breastfed him this time thinking it would lul him to sleep – IT DID NOT. He was exhausted but would not really fall asleep. He finally stopped fighting it at 11:10 pm (Insert Hallelujah song here).
Finally, the kid is down and I can shower. I did not wash my hair, I really just wanted to sleep. I prepared his bottles and finally went to bed. 
I guess his sleeping patterns are changing and he’s getting annoyed.
Trust me kid I know the feeling. 

I’m gonna try to nap with him. Leave me sweet dream comments below!

One thought on “Sleep deprived?”

  1. Not even a joke, Benjamin has made me appreciate sleep more than you can ever imagine! Little guy is fine from 9-6am (of course he wakes up in between to nurse) but what I'm saying is that I'm able to nurse, burp, right back to sleep..but then something happens at 6am that he will only stay in his crib for about half an hour, and that's when I'm most desperately wanting to sleep. I stopped fighting, I pick him up and we both go to the sofa, not the way I want to sleep but hey I'll take any crumbs! Good luck to us mothers lol!!!

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