Showers and Shaved legs

Yes!!  They are back!!!  They’ve been back for a while now but I’ve been so busy doing them that I don’t have the time for my blog.  LOL.

In the beginning I would try to do this when the baby was asleep, now that’s changed.
He has to be awake, fed and had a good nap.  Mama puts this kid in his little chair, ties him up, gives him toys to play and props him in front of my shower door.  Voila, I can shower in peace, well most of the times. Sometimes the perfect combination I mentioned above isn’t quite right and he’ll start whining at the end of my shower. But he can take it. He’s a big boy.

Ladies!! Come feel my legs, smooth as Nico’s bottom.

Here’s to showers, shaved legs and happy babies. Quick post just to share how happy I am with this.

One thought on “Showers and Shaved legs”

  1. Come feel my legs!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Morri!!! Sempre me lembro do seu post quando vou tomar banho sozinha em casa com ela! Já aconteceu dela chorar também, masssss chorar no caso deles é comunicação… Pode esperar um minutinho mesmo! Rs… Bjs!

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