Showers and Shaved legs

Yes!!  They are back!!!  They’ve been back for a while now but I’ve been so busy doing them that I don’t have the time for my blog.  LOL.

In the beginning I would try to do this when the baby was asleep, now that’s changed.
He has to be awake, fed and had a good nap.  Mama puts this kid in his little chair, ties him up, gives him toys to play and props him in front of my shower door.  Voila, I can shower in peace, well most of the times. Sometimes the perfect combination I mentioned above isn’t quite right and he’ll start whining at the end of my shower. But he can take it. He’s a big boy.

Ladies!! Come feel my legs, smooth as Nico’s bottom.

Here’s to showers, shaved legs and happy babies. Quick post just to share how happy I am with this.