Guess who has the wet pants now?

Short post but so worth it.

Super thirsty but I have a crying baby on my hands. 
But I grab myself a bottle of water and sit down on the bed with the little one and try to calm him down, and begin to nurse him. He quieted down and I continue drinking water. 
Between my leg it goes and I stroke my baby’s head.
I move the bottle to the side of my thigh and it falls but I take my sweet time to pick it back up….. Because of course I out the cap back on, right? Nope.
Freezing cold water, A LOT of it is now beneath me and all I can do is sit still since baby is nursing. After a good 20 minutes I get up since baby is now full & asleep and place him in his bassinet. 
Upside to this story::: I was on my husbands side of the bed which was now wet. Sorry babe.
Hope you’ve had a good laugh!! 
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Here’s a little pic of my little man for a dose of cuteness.

One thought on “Guess who has the wet pants now?”

  1. Vivemos na correria com casa, filhos, trabalho e marido , que acabamos nos distraindo e esquecendo de tampar a garafa de água, esquecemos a comida no fogo …. Mas somos vencedoras.. Pois não nos cansamos e sempre damos o melhor de nos … Somos mulheres … Abraços

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