3 Tips for Your Family to Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy

How to keep your family eating fresh and staying healthy

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I guess living in Florida has spoiled me. I don’t remember ever giving a second thought to whether or not there would be fresh produce available to me. But Making sure my family will Eat fresh and Stay Healthy is just as important in the summer as in the winter.

We don’t have the harsh winter climates most places have which greatly benefits our local farmers.

Fresh ingredients don’t have to be difficult to come by in the winter months. I love cooking with fresh ingredients and Fresh From Florida makes my life easier.

But let’s be real getting kids to eat their veggies and fruits are a battle on it’s own.

You don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds in the winter. I’m spilling my favorite ways I spark my family’s interest to Eat Fresh and stay healthy even in the winter time with some tasty, fresh and delicious meals and activities that instill in them a love of healthy lifestyle.

3 tips for a healthy family3 Tips for your family to eat fresh and stay healthy this Winter
  1. Go on a trip to your nearest farm.Did you know there are lots of local farms that are open to the public? If you’ve yet to visit a farm with your family, it’s not to late to start. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating and will also get everyone walking.
  2. Have your family select their favorite foods.Another way to eat fresh and stay Healthy is to find out if your local farm also has a U-Pick service. Aside from getting out as a family for some fresh air, you may also take your selected produce home. Children will love this especially. Seeing their favorite from the source will certainly instill in them a love for fresh foods.
  3. Cook Meals as a Family!Kids love to help out, and having them cook a family meal with fresh produce they picked at a local farm is a memory they won’t soon forget. They’ll be beaming with pride knowing they helped pick, make and serve their family and solidify a love for a healthier lifestyle.

tips for a healthy familyBe sure to always look for the Fresh From Florida label for guaranteed freshness from produce to seafood, you’ll be sure to keep your family eating fresh ingredients year-round.

Whether you are visiting a local farmer or choosing your produce at your nearest grocery store, you can always count on the freshness of Fresh From Florida foods.

You can find delicious and easy recipes on the Fresh From Florida website.

3 tips for your family to eat fresh and stay healthyA favorite of ours is this delicious Florida Blueberry Breakfast Casserole and this Sweet Corn and Black Bean Enchiladas. Both great options for healthy meals, with fresh ingredients and healthy appetites.

You can follow Fresh from Florida on twitter for quick tips and some great food videos.

We’re totally obsessed with their recipe videos, aren’t we all?

The Fresh from Florida site also has lots of information on how to get your Agritourism on. You can visit their GO PLACES tab to find out about cool events, farmer’s markets, wineries/vineyards and agritourism.

Do you have other tips on how to spark your family’s interest in how to Eat Fresh and Stay healthy ? Let me know in the comments below.


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3 tips to keep your family eating fresh and staying healthy

14 thoughts on “3 Tips for Your Family to Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy”

  1. We live in a colder climate than Florida, but when the weather allows we always go to the Farmers Market, visit local farms, and we even grow some of our own veggies and fruits! Great post.

  2. These are great tips! We sometimes fall into a rut, but overall we love eating healthy. The kids wouldn’t mind eating junk, but they adore fruit.

  3. I live in western PA so we don’t have fresh fruit and veggies year ’round. But I do try to get what I can at the grocery store and we do buy frozen fruit for our smoothies. One thing that my kids LOVE is fresh corn on the cob and frozen just doesn’t cut it. Can’t wait for summer time!

  4. These are great tips. I love fruit flavored water. We don’t have farmers markets all year, so I rely on sprouts for fresh produce.

  5. It’s definitely not easy to find really good produce by me in the winter, but in summer I love hitting up all of the local farms and markets. Or growing my own in the garden!

  6. Love the reminder to get the family involved in meal prep – everyone is happier when they’re involved up front!

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