Unique Gift Ideas for the Man that Has Everything

Gift Ideas for Men

This post is sponsored by Jord Watches, but all opinions are my own.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Man that Has Everything + Giveaway

My husband is one of the fellas that “say” they want nothing on any occasion or celebration. I have such a hard time buying him gifts. I know this is such a “first world problems” scenario, however you’re probably here because you have one of those too.How a person wants nothing is incomprehensible to me! I mean… If you asked me what I wanted I would likely spit up a list of hundreds of things  in a few short minutes. And if you’re willing to grant me those wants… I’d me more than glad to e-mail you my list. Kidding, Kidding.. Or am I?

Unique Gift ideas - wooden Watch from jordAnyhow, there are 4 dates that come to mind when gifting for my husband is on the to-do list. Birthday, Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversary and Christmas. He has 4 main opportunities to tell me the dreaded “I want nothing” speech and I just go ahead and by him something anyways.

I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna listen to that ladies?

So What must we do?

We reach into our little “gift idea bank” and pull out random things he needs.. case in point? Underwear, socks, perfume and the oh so popular necktie.

Unique gift ideas - Jord Watches - Gift Ideas for menAlthough those are great, it’s probably the reason why he says he wants nothing.. so I’ve come up with unique gift ideas for the man who wants nothing or has everything that will make him think twice about telling you he wants nothing for his birthday.

I’ll tell you what has worked for me…

Unique Gift Ideas for the Man who Wants Nothing

  • Tickets to a Game – Unless your man isn’t a sports fan (I’m not sure they come without that gene), you’ll be winning with this gift. Bonus points if it’s for a really important game – You’ll have to plan ahead for this one.
  • A Fun Experience – This will depend on your partner’s interests, but it could driving a race car, brewery tour, flying in a hot-air balloon or skydiving. You can find a lot of out of the box ideas to get your hubby’s adrenaline pumping.  Visit Cloud 9 Living to see top experiences that are local to you.
  • Concert/Show – Music does it for my husband, so check out when his favorite band is in town or maybe a comedy show. Those are great options.
  • Literally Something he doesn’t Need – There are several items you can choose from, my favorite place to look for out of the box gift items is Uncommon goods – You can find so many awesome items there.
  • Watch – I know this is a common gift for men, but getting him something unique as a luxury wooden watch? He’ll be saying yes to a new one every year.
Jord Luxury Wooden Watches

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Unique gift ideas - Jord Watches - Gift Ideas for menYou can also take a look at their beautiful women’s watches. I have one myself from their women’s selection which I wrote about here.

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Luxury Wooden Watch

Thanks so much for stopping in! and GOOD LUCK!


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  1. My husband is a sawyer (tree climber) for a local tree company and I have always thought about getting him one of these! I think it would kind of a cool gift because he works with trees day in and day out!

  2. Wow, what a really nice watch! I also love the list of things you added for when they give you the “I don’t need anything” speech. It’s always so thoughtful to set out and get them something unique and meaningful.

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