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I like easy. Do you like that too? Being a stay at home mom that works out of the home I try to get things done mostly online. I’ve been on the market for new frames for a long time. I have myopia and my prescription from the exam I did in the beginning of the year is starting to bore a hole in my wallet, taunting me.

I will occasionally wear my glasses that are 8 years old. They certainly aren’t my style now and terribly scratched and I only wear them when absolutely necessary. So it’s safe to say it’s about time I got some new glasses made.

With the New Year fast approaching I’m wanting to start by taking off something that has been on my to-do list for a few years now.

Warby-parker-womens-glassesI’m also into over-analyzing everything I do and has a way of keeping me away from getting things done. I’ve done the at home try out from Warby Parker before but I couldn’t pull the trigger on a choice.

So here I am giving it at another try in the hopes I’ll pick one! Posting things online has a way of keeping you in check and if you still see me in my old glasses you can get on my case.

I don’t know about you but going to an optometrist with a toddler to carefully choose new frames isn’t my idea of fun. Warby Parker is attractive for that reason alone. I can try these frames out from home and if nothing is to my liking I can just stick them back in the mail.

If you’re in need of new glasses prescription or sunglasses you can try them on in the comfort of your home and get everyone to weigh in your choices.

I’ve chosen these 5 frames for my home try on. I haven’t many any decisions If I’ll keep any of these but I’m probably going to be sending these back and trying on 5 more just to ease my over-analyzing self.

There will be a my link Take 2.

I wanted to purchase two frames, a light one and a black one for sure – reason for these picks but as you’ll see from my favorites, it didn’t work out that way.

Without further ado, here were my choices!

  1. Chelsea Grapefruit Soda


  2. Goodney Birch Tortoise


  3. Daisy Jet Black


  4. Casper Jet Black


  5. Finch Bellini


My favorite of these 5 choices are Daisy and Goodney (also my husbands favorite). I like how clean Daisy looks and how fun & flirty the Goodney Frame looks on me. I’ve already made 5 new selections that are on their way. I’ll make my final decision then and you guys can help me pick the frames that look best on me.

Which of these 5 is your favorite pick? Let me know in the comments below. I’m way too indecisive.

Have you tried the Warby Parker at home try on? Did you end up purchasing a frame? Let me know that too! If you want to give Warby Parker a try use my link (I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase something at no cost additional cost to you)

P.S. They also carry gorgeous Sunglasses!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part deux.







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  1. When I first heard of Warby Parker and there try on framess, I was astonished! Living in Atlanta I’ve been able to roam their selections personally though. I think the Daisy jet black looks great on you!

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