How to Boost Your Family’s Immunity + Giveaway


immunity-boosting-tipsThe Cold & Flu season is here and you can help boost your family’s immunity by following these easy steps. Keeping our families healthy is on top of our to do list, you can easily prepare your home & family to help fight colds & flu.

With toddlers in the home, the chances of someone coming down with something is a given. They love sticking their hands in their mouths and touch anything they come in contact with.

Knowing this, it’s important to be on top of our families habits. You can help boost their natural immunity with these easy steps that you can begin today.

How to Boost Your Family’s Immunity
1. Use a Humidifier

The ideal relative humidity level in your home for our well-being is between 40% and 60%.  You can easily monitor the humidity levels in your home with a Humidity Monitor, you can find the monitor and the Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool-Mist Humidifier at

Humidifiers help prevent airborne viruses. Viruses and bacteria don’t do well in moist environments.

immunity-boosting-tips-with-vicksKeep reading to find out how you can win a Winter Wellness Package from Vick’s!!!

2. Wash Hands Often

It’s so important to always wash our hands, and to teach our little ones to watch their hands often. Warm soapy water for 30 seconds should help keep those virus at bay.

3. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is good for so many things but it can also boost your immunity. Getting a good night’s sleep is a nice welcome for us moms that live off caffeine, so put down that smart phone and get off social media and get to bed earlier.

A lot of parents, especially moms don’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. I know it’s hard with so many things on our to do list, there aren’t enough hours but getting sick will mess up that to-do list than a toddler that refuses to get strapped to his car seat. So get to sleeping.

I sometimes fail to get those 8 needed hours myself but I am very strict about my son getting as much sleep as possible. He’ll sometimes have a 6:30 pm bedtime but most of the times it’s not later than 7:30 pm. He is rarely sick and I’m pretty sure his sleeping helps him a great deal.

healthy balanced diet for boosting immunity4. Consume a Balanced Diet

This one is also a tough for us moms always on the run. Eating our children’s leftovers and chugging on cups of coffee throughout the day will not help.

It’s important to eat a consistently healthy diet, especially anti-inflammatory foods such as tomatoes, olive oils, fatty fishes, nuts, green leafy vegetables and fruits such as berries, pineapples and oranges to name a few.

5. Get 10 Minutes of Sun Daily

According to Mercola, Vitamin D could rightly be described as a “miracle nutrient” for your immune system, as it enables your body to produce well over 200 antimicrobial peptides, which are indispensable in fighting off a wide range of infections.

Don’t forget to be properly dressed when going out in the cold!


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Good luck & stay Healthy!

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How do you help boost your family’s immunity? Let me know in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “How to Boost Your Family’s Immunity + Giveaway”

  1. What a great giveaway! With all my kids in school this year, they bring home every germ possible. Washing hands is a must, and I love to bring antibacterial wipes with me on the go. I didn’t know how important a humidifier was, but now we need to get one!

  2. I boost our immunity by reinforcing handwashing, especially after going into stores, restaurants and other public places. I try and warn against touching your face nose, mouth if you havent had a chance to wash hands. It is cold and flu season and a bad time because with the holidays everyone is visiting.

    PS the rafflecopter isnt working…. just spinning.

    1. Yes, the Holidays are tough!! The lack of hand-washing is probably the biggest culprit. Thanks for letting me know about the rafflecopter widget. I looked into it, it should be working!

  3. i use garlic to boost my boyfriend & i’s immunity!

    i would keep some of this package for myself; and give some to my sister!

  4. We try to stay active in the winter. We do alot of skiing and snowmobiling, and I think that helps the most.

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