#SeptemberScopers Challenge

Are you guys on #Periscope ?  I’ve been on it for a few months now but after we sold our house I haven’t done any scopes!!! Although I haven’t participated in the challenge yet, (I am planning on it) I thought it would be fabulous to share with you guys the inner workings of bloggers.

No idea what Periscope is? Well simply put, it’s a live streaming app. You can watch live stream videos and replay them within a 24 hours time-frame. You can see people all over the world, doing well? Anything.
There are some awesome fellow bloggers participating in this #SeptemberScopers Challenge, but you do not have to be a blogger in order to participate. Anyone can!!

It’s really a way to get us used to being on Periscope and to those who are camera shy like myself, it’s a great way to tackle that fear head on.

Here are the prompts for the #SeptemberScopers challenge, I hope you will participate and don’t forget to follow all of these awesome scopers.

Here’s the deal: The goal is to do at least one scope a day for the month of September. I have provided a list of prompts to help you out, but you can scope about whatever you want if you don’t like the prompt for that day. 

Follow these fabulous ladies, and make sure to Give lots of HEARTS!!
Julie at Girl on the Move Periscope: @jmdenouden
Lisa at Goofball Mommy Periscope:@goofballmommy
Laci at Sequins in the South Periscope: @SequinsintheSouth
Phyllis at Verified Mom Periscope: @verifiedmom
Jeannine at At Home with the O’Neils Periscope:@jeannine_oneil
Bev at Linkouture Periscope: @linkouture
Denise at STL Motherhood Periscope: @STLMotherhood
Jill at Ripped Jeans & Bifocals Periscope: @JillinIL
Amee at Inspired Housewife Periscope: @InspiredHseWife
Lauren at Working Mom Magic Periscope: @WorkingMomMagic
Don’t forget to follow me as well @YoungLoveMommy

Thanks for reading!!

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