Help, My Child Hates Sand! Helping Them with Sensory Activities

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I’m right there with you! I’ve been attempting lots of different things with my son in regards to his sand aversion.  We are based out of south Florida and staying away from the beach is next to impossible!! But we have managed.  But the wait is over. We need to get him to like sand!! I don’t necessarily know what irks him the most about it, but I do know he doesn’t like walking on it or having it touch his skin. He’ll start wiping it off like it’s dirty. So I decided to try some hands-on sensorial activities with him to get him out of this beach sand funk.

I love going to the beach although after becoming a mom I’ve been a bit apprehensive about it. With all the shark attacks happening all over and rip currents I myself have been hesitant of entering the water.  This is a new kind of fear for me and I really only realized it yesterday while we were at the beach. I did not want to go in the water! I was shocked at myself. This has never happened with me and it caught me a bit off guard. What is happening with me? Anyone of you have had this happen with them after becoming a mom?

Anyways, getting back to my son’s problem with sand.  In the past couple of months I’ve been slowly introducing him to “sand activities“. First we started off in your own backward and digging for sand and putting inside buckets. This one has been easy.  He enjoys this activity and has no problem with it being dirt. He will cringe a bit if any of it falls on him but he’s been slowly getting used it. But he is fine with dirt, beach sand is usually the culprit of his meltdown.

The bigger deal with walking on sand. He will hold on to me for dear life and not let go if we are near sand, especially at the beach. If somehow I manage to get rid of his grip of death and try to put him on the sand standing he coils his legs up in protest. (Notice the sandals).

I found that keeping his mind off the sand works great. This time I began gathering seashells for him to look at that, I was even able to place him directly on the sand, with LOTS of hesitation and whining but once he was down and entertained by the shells he got over it for a brief moment. 
The seashells were a big hit but also remember to exaggerate how AWESOME it is. Make them excited to be playing with so many cool things. 

The other day I laid a towel down and placed him with sandals on it. I again brought out the bucket and shovel and he was playing with the sand without touching it.

In the hopes of getting him to like the beach more, I purchased a beach sand toy set. As soon as I brought that out I began filling the bucket with sea water. He definitely liked that. He loves water (as most kids do) and loved dropping the bucket of water on the sand.

I know eventually this won’t be an issue for him but somehow I feel we’re missing out on a ton of summer activities because of his aversion to sand but I’m glad these sensory activities have been helping him get better.

So how about you? Have anything to add to help kids with aversion to sand get over it? Comment below, I would love more ideas.

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  1. I am right there with you on the shark attack fear, but I've had mine for years. My little ones have had sand aversions before, but I never really gave it that much thought because it was typically mild. However, I can see how it could be a bigger problem for a child with sensory problems. I really like your attempts to introduce him slowly. That's definitely smart thinking considering you live so close to the beach. Good luck with helping your little cutie to overcome his fear.

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