Christmas Family Traditions // Salted Cod


I grew up celebrating the holidays around a big family.  This Salted Cod recipe has been a staple at every Christmas meal.  It’s super easy to make.  When I first thought of attempting to make it, I thought it would be somewhat of a hard task.  But turns out it’s not and I’m going to share it with you guys.

My father is usually the one that makes this salted cod recipe.  It’s special because well, my dad makes it.  In my family usually all the women flock to the kitchen and prepare their specialty dishes but this one falls upon my daddio.


1 lb. Salted Cod, Boiled (boneless)
3 tbsp. of mayonnaise
2 medium potatoes, boiled
1/2 cup of corn
1/2 cup of peas
1/2 cup of garbanzo beans
1/2 cup of olives (sliced)
1 Tbsp. Olive oil
1 tsp. Parsley (garnish)
Salt & pepper to taste
Grated Parmesan
Sliced boiled eggs


First prepare Cod & potatoes.

Boil cods to preferred saltiness, I boiled mine twice for 10 minutes each (change water), this can be done ahead, refrigerate and use when ready to put dish together. You cod should be made into chunks, some will break apart which is fine.

Boil Potatoes and slice or dice them (potato salad size).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place half of the cod in an oven safe dish, stir in half of the potatoes, corn, peas garbanzo beans, olives and mayonnaise. Slowly mix the ingredients. You want bite size chunks of cod.

Add the other half of the cod and all other remaining ingredients and mix again gently.

Now add olive oil, salt & pepper and mix slowly.

Sprinkle your dish with parsley, add your sliced boiled eggs and Parmesan on top.

Place in oven until golden brown. Serve hot.

(Note: if you boiled your cods ahead of time and refrigerated leave more time to warm up the cod)

♥♥ That’s it for this wonderful salted cod recipe. Hope you all enjoy ♥♥

I actually made this for Thanksgiving dinner since dad wasn’t around but I’ll leave it up to him for Christmas.

How about you? Got a any family recipes you’re taking over?

Thank you for stopping in.

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