And We’re Back!

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Hello Everyone! Happy Monday?

After being almost a month away in Jacksonville visiting my parents we have returned.  It’s so good to be home! Hopefully we’ll get to spend some longer visits with my parents. It was so much fun, Nicolas loved having everyone around all the time and I loved that I got to get some pampering done and some going out at night.

Although I didn’t set out to stay that long there it just happened that way, but my mother’s birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks and I had promised I would go there for her birthday. So I figured I’d just stay.. I mean I work remotely! LOL #Nicoonthego #hashtagsdontworkhere #ohwell.

I went to the movies, something I hadn’t done since I was pregnant! I love going to the movies.  We went bowling! I got my nails done TWICE!!!  I even got a full body massage. GO ME!  All in all, a fantastic time was had and I’m gonna miss everything about it. Nico had fun too! My parents have two small LOUD dogs around. Nico didn’t really play with them but he didn’t cry around them. He really just enjoyed watching them.  He met all different kinds of folks. Went to the St. Augustine, but mostly he spent time with my family. He’s such a happy kid. They loved hanging out with him!

But now that we are home, it’s time to catch up on all the house chores (and let me tell you, hubby left it the way it was) He pretty much just ate out or delivery. So I came home to a home needing to cleaning and groceries needing to be restocked.  But I am glad to do it. I missed my daily chores. I’m not a big fan of change and my schedule completely went haywire by being away. Now I have to find my groove again

One little BIG change that was made was our sleeping arrangement.  Nicolas co-sleeps but when I arrived I moved our mattress to the floor in between his glorified play pen (crib) and our bed. So it’s a big fort. He’s surrounded on all sides except for one.  Since he is so active, I had to resort to this. It doesn’t look pretty but he’ll be safe and that’s all I care about at this point.

Now I’m on to the HUGE do-list I’ve made for myself.  I usually do daily lists but I couldn’t get myself to narrow down the most important things to do. So I’ve created a week-long to do list. There are auto insurance quotes to look for, appointments to schedule, play dates, cleaning, organizing, buying a few gifts I’ve yet to buy for some friends! It’s coming, I promise!!!!  I’ve also scheduled some Bible reading and exercise in the midst of it all.

I haven’t been SUPER strict about me losing weight but so far I’m down 2 pounds!  Hey! I’m not complaining. But I am looking to buy a juicer so I can TRY doing a juice fast for a few days.  Get my body right on the inside and get things moving.  Any juicers out there? Need your input on which to buy.

This is what’s been up in the Oliveira household.  Looking forward to getting lots of things done now that I’ve had a much needed rest!

Have a great week everyone and I’ll update you on my healthy progress again soon, I hope you are taking part in my Healthy Challenge.  Let me know if you are in the comments below. Need lots of encouragement.

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  1. Yes, anytime the routine gets broken it can be hard to get back in the groove of things… We travel a lot with the little ones, no family in town, so I know the feeling. Just don't be too hard on yourself while trying to catch up!

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome time! Vacations are such a nice reprieve. I truly sometimes feel as if I really need them! Congratulations on the 2 lbs too! That's awesome. Sounds like all positive and fun things going on in your corner! 🙂

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