Some R&R in Orlando but Not Really

Hello Lovelies, 

Who doesn’t love a vacation? I know I did, or use to. We went to Orlando this past weekend, we spent 4 days there. We rented a lovely house with a pool and lots of space.

Very different from the set up we have now at my in-laws, it was a great change of scenery. I welcomed all the space we had.  We went with a few family members and Nico got to play with all of his little cousins. The kids had a lot of fun.

The adults had a lot of work. As we all know I’m super strict with my son’s sleeping schedule and he was off it for the entire time we were there.
There was a lot of crankiness and restlessness going around.  Having lunch at restaurants and waiting for large parties to be seated and then having to wait for the food to arrive is rough on a parent.

Kids don’t understand the concept very well, and with three kids, 3 and under, SO TOUGH. But we did get to go out at night. We put the kiddo’s to bed and went out just the adults while the grandparents stayed at home with the children.

I do have to admit, that was tough too. As much as I wanted to be out and about, I was so tired. Orlando is a lot of fun (I lived there once after I graduated from high school). There is so much to do and see, and we also had a first timer with us visiting from Brazil.  We wanted to show him as much as possible.

Since my son wakes up around 6:30/7 am, getting home at almost 2 am isn’t what I call fun in the morning. I’m no spring chicken, I need my sleep in order to be a functioning parent. (I sound like a toddler myself) I’m sure you all can agree. Although I do envy the moms & dads who can run full steam with little to no sleep. Kudos to you. I know for a fact I am not one of those parents.

So when do vacations become vacations again after kids? Do they ever? I wish I could offer some advice to parents vacationing with kids. This is more of a plea for help. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Well, we are back home and we got through it. We’re back to our regularly scheduled naps and happy children. Thank God!

Have those vacationing tips to share?? Write them in the comments below, I would really love to know.


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5 thoughts on “Some R&R in Orlando but Not Really”

  1. Our vacation this year was exhausting!!! We were gone for four days too and it took us almost three to recouperate. I hope you were able to get some fun in!

  2. I can definitely relate that vacationing with kids is super HARD. I wished I had advice for you. Let me know if you here some good advice. I would love to know, too!

  3. I'm with you. I always THINK vacations are going to be relaxing with toddlers, but especially when you're in a big group like you guys, it means you're totally off schedule,. Orlando did sound fun tho. And, if you find out when vacations become relaxing again, please let me know!

  4. one very tiny yet useful practise i find during vacation is to keep the chidlren fed already. I make restuarant reservations only around 8 pm so that i can feed my toddler at home and then take her for the outing…she is just way less cranky this way…..

  5. hahaha…..and from experience i can tell you…..u gonna vacation again the minute you get the opportunity…..we never learn from the horrors we experience during vacations with kids…..dont we!!!!

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