Unfortunately most mothers are competing for God knows what.

I’m sure you’ve heard.

Mom1: My child does this {insert super ability here}
Mom2: My child has been doing that for ages, in fact, from the womb.

Ok… I’m just kidding here. But yes competition happens and it sucks that it does.  Instead of moms banding together they try to up one another be it a party, a toy, ability, family trip.
Whatever the case may be, I wish women would stop trying to tear each other down or make then feel less adequate. We should love on each other and encourage.  No one wins in motherhood. We all just try to do our best for our children.

So next time you think of putting another mama down be it straight to her face or with a sarcastic post on a social networking site or behind her back.  Think twice. Is that what you would want your children to learn from you?  Kids learn by example. Be a good one.

This hasn’t personally happened to me…at least I think not yet, but I hope it never does.  I hope that I’m surrounded by mothers that lift each other up. So fellow moms, this is my plea to you. It’s not a race so love on your children, love on your neighbor,  we have enough turmoil in the world to deal with pettiness.

Have a great day moms!