Starting a Life in a New City & Friendships

Hey Lovelies ♥ Ahhh New City Smell…

Starting a life in a new city is hard.. it’s an adventure, it’s exciting to see what growth will happen next. Finding new friendships as an adult extremely hard!  If you haven’t experienced it… you’re one of the lucky few. I believe it can be done. If you’ve been following along, you would know I have moved to a new city in Port Saint Lucie, in a cute little town called Tradition.

When we first drove around here I was seriously impressed at the aesthetics of the place. It was like a scene from a movie of those little towns where everyone knew their neighbors. Think of Gilmore girls 🙂 New city

This new city truly is gorgeous and inviting, but what if I’m not?

Gorgeous I am (LOL) but inviting? I’m not so sure. Granted I’ve been mostly cooped up either blogging, cleaning or organizing something in the new house.

I try to take my son to the playground as often as I can, as long as I can un-glue from the computer or vacuum (gosh, this kid makes such a mess). I’ve made some progressive conversations with fellow playground moms, gotten a couple of numbers but I’ve never followed up on them. I mean, I don’t want to sound desperate for friendship (although I really am, and if you are one of those moms I met at the playground… I’m sorry.. give me a call, maybe?)

I’m so excited to build a life here, where my son can grow up with his friends. It’s a quiet town, with beautiful landscapes and nice people. I moved around  a few times and missed out on certain life-long friendships that I see a lot of people have. The first huge move was at age 11 when I moved from Brazil to the US. Florida was pretty similar to my hometown of Rio but soon after high school graduation my family moved to Orlando, after a short year we moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

I moved back to South Florida shortly before I got married in 2008. I seem to be leaving a lot of people & places behind and I just miss a sense of community. Something I hope will grow very soon here in Tradition.New city Life In tradition Port Saint Lucie

I’ve been trying to be more open to friendships but it seems as people can smell desperation in me? I truly know zero people here. Other than the neighbors we’ve casually introduced ourselves to and the occasional playground chatter. It gets lonely but I’ve been adding more things to my social calendar to get myself out there. I have yet to join a church and the one I’m interested in joining is opening it’s official doors in July! So very soon.

In the meantime, scouring a new city for new friendships is in full effect. I hope to meet some awesome ladies for play-dates, wine and some book reading. If you’re in the Port Saint Lucie area… send me an e-mail. I’d love to get together… desperation and all.

Want to find out more about the Town of Tradition, click here.

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4.Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson
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