Sleep training? You buy it? Here are my thoughts.

I can across an interesting article, you can read it here, and share your thoughts. 

So, Nicolas had his last feeding at 9:00 pm, but not a lot. I’m not entirely sure, because I breastfed and formula fed 2 oz. 5 oz is what I’d like him to drink to sustain him thru the night. So I went to sleep thinking he might get hungry early. He woke me up at 1:42 am, he had come out of his swaddle and was tossing his arms around, I swear… Babies are the swaddle Houdini’s. Though he was still asleep, I picked him up, rocked him until he stopped all that moving around and swaddled him again. And voila… He “woke” up at 6:15 am, he was again tossing around and not “awake” but I decided to get him up to nurse.
This is the second time I’ve done this. And it seemed to work beautifully. He is now 13 weeks so he can handle longer stretches at night. I didn’t attempt to this earlier because I thought he should get all the nourishment he wants. 
Here’s hoping he’ll get the memo and sleep without getting out of his swaddle and we can all rest!! Lord knows I need it. 
How about you? Any advice? What are you doing for your baby to stay asleep? Let me know in the comments below.