The Verdict Is In!

On my last post I discussed how attached my son has become to me and how my trip to Jacksonville to visit my parents has been FABULOUS!  We are now on Day 9 and I can say that it has been a great success.
If you missed my previous post, you can check it out here

Nicolas now will go with all of my family members including some strangers that visit my parents store.

On Day 5 I was able to get my nails done. Honestly, I was very apprehensive about it.  The whole time I kept wondering, if he was okay, crying, missing me. It wasn’t the most relaxing experience but I managed to enjoy the time off. (Who am I kidding? That was fun & stressful all at once!) I know that taking time to take care of yourself is imperative for a mother and I have been totally neglecting myself. I’m thankful for the little breather. It’s great advice but we’re mostly known for not taking advice even it’s good, only when you’re in too deep you realize, Oh crap! I should have done that before. But here I am, typing this lovely post in my beautifully painted nails. My son will grab my hand and examine it as if it’s not mama’s hands.  Maybe he thinks it’s candy. LOL.

Onto bigger & Better things!!!  What I’m working on next  is a Spa Day!  Massage, facial and nails again? Don’t mind if I do.

This has been so great.  I’m loving having my family around, Nicolas is also having a blast.  He got to meet his dog sisters hehe Minnie & May and so far he hasn’t really had any interest in them, but that is good news. No crying is always good news.  He has been sleeping very well.  No night time feedings! All in all it’s been a pleasure.  Either my parents have to move close to me or we have to move to where they are.  I would be able to reclaim some of myself back.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll keep you guys posted on that Spa Day!

I’m also working on a Mommy & Me giveaway, getting your little ones and mom some goodies for free! Who doesn’t like Free Stuff?

I’ll keep you all updated.