Bye bye showers

You remember a time when taking a shower was just as easy as brushing your teeth? Well, that has become a thing of the past for me.

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First time I tried to shower with no one in the house… Picture this… Humm baby is asleep. I’ll jump in and take a quick shower.
I’m pretty much done with shower, just removing conditioner out of my hair and I think I hear the baby cry… I turn off the water and yes… HE IS. I panic a little and try to talk to him… I’m almost done baby… Hang on as if he cares what I’m doing. I get out of the shower half wrapped in the towel (I wouldn’t dare having the towel touch my nipples) hair dripping wet and pick up the baby… He cries even louder….I sing, I rock him… And he doesn’t let up… Maybe he’s hungry? It hasn’t been that long but if all else fails stick a boob on him (works like a charm) by this time my towel has fallen off… Hair is still dripping and baby at my boob. So I sit down naked & wet and begin to call my husband … Are you almost here? I explain the story and he says 10 minutes. 
So ok… I try to take Nicolas off the breast and he cries again… I just wanted to dry myself I was gonna feed him some more but nooooo… Stay put lady.  Husband arrives and looks at me and says ” I’m going to jump in the shower and then I’ll get him” —- ummmm are you kidding me? But yep. That happened. 
I ended up swearing to my child I would never shower again. His first broken promise. We’re gonna have a rough road ahead. Sorry kid.
Got any shower horror stories? Let me know below.
Hope you’re enjoying reading these posts. I’m having a blast writing about them.

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Sleep deprived?

Just a little. 

Woke up at 7:20 am with baby making noises… I thought to myself did I forget to feed him at night when he woke up at 3 am? Apparently I thought I hadn’t slept enough and kid was still squirming over his 3 am feeding. God help me.
It all started like this:

Baby Nico gave a real hard time last night. I gave him a bath, went for a walk around the neighborhood and fed him and he just wouldn’t sleep soundly which in turn made him fussier. He was in my arms being rocked for a good two hours at least… And he would squirm and put his arms and get annoyed when his movements made his pacifier come out of his mouth. I’m officially the paci police. 
By this time he was hungry again, I breastfed him this time thinking it would lul him to sleep – IT DID NOT. He was exhausted but would not really fall asleep. He finally stopped fighting it at 11:10 pm (Insert Hallelujah song here).
Finally, the kid is down and I can shower. I did not wash my hair, I really just wanted to sleep. I prepared his bottles and finally went to bed. 
I guess his sleeping patterns are changing and he’s getting annoyed.
Trust me kid I know the feeling. 

I’m gonna try to nap with him. Leave me sweet dream comments below!

I made dinner last night… Gasp!

Can you believe it? For those who don’t know .. I haven’t made any meals for as long as baby has been here and a couple a weeks before he arrived.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to… I was just so tired. Granted my angel of a mother was with me for over a month and made all of our meals! Thanks MOM!!!!

Now that she’s gone I’ve had to fend for myself – boohoo poor me :(. Children apparently have “witching hour” in which they get fussy.. And that falls under the time I need to prepare dinner. So it’s been hit or miss. But last night baby Nico was calmer and daddy was able to hold him and put him to sleep (good job daddy.. He usually hands him over when he starts to cry)

Did you know babies cry cause they want to sleep?? I mean just go to sleep. You have that down to a T. How hard is that? Well.. I didn’t know this. I’ve had very limited amounts of baby time under my belt so hang in there guys.

As you might have noticed by the copious amounts of photos I’ve been posting (you can follow me on Instagram at ellen83 for your daily dose of baby cuteness) I’m holding the heck out of my child.. I mean — come on.. He’s only this little now. But that also means I have limited amount of time to do anything else i.e brush teeth/hair. 
He took some great naps yesterday.(might I add… In his big boy crib.. I usually keep him in his bassinet
I was able to even create this cute little logo… Btw,What do you guys think?? 
Well last night I made one of my go to meals – rice, beans, ground beef & potatoes with an arugula salad.  I missed eating my food, it was good. Hubby was happy, he has been saying to me lately if I remember how to cook.. Clever little guy. 
He just had a friend arrive from Brazil that’s staying with us so I suppose I have to be a good host and start making some  meals. 
How about you? When did you regain your cooking superpowers? Slow poke like me or right off the bat? You superwoman you!!
What was your first family meal? Want me to share my recipe, let me know in the comments below. 
Until next time!
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