A Mother’s Morning Routine with a Toddler

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I’m not in pj’s anymore! I’ve been trying really hard to change out of my pajamas daily when I wake up. It’s been a good two months! Although I find nothing wrong with staying at home in pj’s; it was affecting how much effort I put into my morning.

The daily grind of motherhood tends to do that to you. Everyday is like the other. 
Wake up with a kick or punch to the face from your co-sleeping toddler or maybe a nice shoulder bite like today to get your blood flowing and get you out of bed. He sure got my attention.
He’s my little alarm clock and I try to keep him in bed for as long as possible cuddling. Depending on the day I get a good 30 minutes of him flapping around the bed like a beached whale. 
We get up, I’m sure if he could express himself better, he’d say FINALLY WOMAN.  
We brush our teeth together and I change out of my clothes. I make the bed while he helps me with putting the pillows on top of the bed.
This sounds productive but trust me it’s not. Since a lot of what I do is a game to him he does a lot of undoing what I just did. 
We move on to running after him to get his almost knee reaching wet diaper, this is what I call my daily workout which happens several times a day. I proceed to hand him a banana. He eats it whole so I don’t have the need to cut it up. Thanks BLW
Then I have a moment to prepare breakfast while he’s munching on his banana. 
Breakfast usually consists of lots of bread! My main food source. I give him lots of fruit but I am a terrible example of health. I wonder when that will catch up to me? He’ll see me with a nice juicy burger in hand and he’ll have an apple and ask why I don’t eat what I feed him? 
Bad mommy. I need to change my eating habits badly! But that’s another subject.
We eat breakfast with soundtrack provided by daddy. I’m not a morning person so I prefer quiet but my husband on the other hand likes to crank out music. 
There’s usually a dance party mid-breakfast. I try to keep things light and fun with the kiddo. I’m really working on his sense of humor and it seems to be catching on if you follow me on Instagram (you do, don’t ya?) you’ll see my latest video bringing that out of him. 
He does a great job of being funny himself.  Sidenote: I think I might take some time to research this, are we responsible for our children’s sense of humor? I’ve never read up on it but I would assume so. 
We wave goodbye to daddy as he heads of to work in the midst of me trying to appease my child’s cries over daddy leaving but he quickly forgets as I take his focus away. By now he’s usually a bit tired already and almost ready for his nap. SCORE! I take him out on his Radio Flyer trike which he loves. We cruise for about 30 minutes or as long as I can take the heat. We do live in south Florida.
I make him a bottle and off to bed he goes. 
Now the marathon begins. What to do first? I used to write lots of lists but they seem to be ineffective at the moment. So I just take mental notes and hope I remember the trillion things I’ve planned for myself. Usually doesn’t happen but it’s the thought that counts (at least for me)
I pick whatever chore I need to do while usually watching something recorded on the DVR. And just hope for a nice long nap. 
So mamas? What does your morning look like? Sounds similar to mine? Or are you rushing out with a bagel in your mouth because you’re late to work and you still gotta drop of the kids at daycare? Share in the comments below how you overcome the morning hussle. 
Thanks again for stopping in!