My Shot at Being Healthy

Hi everyone!

I’ve been dealing with my procrastination for way too long. Nicolas is about to turn 9 months and I still haven’t gotten off my butt. Yes, I could work out with him, while he naps, at night if I really wanted to after he’s off to bed. But I don’t want to and that’s the truth. There are other things I deem more important like mindlessly scrolling through blog posts, Instagram & Facebook (By the way, go and like my both of those pages for me, will ya?)
Being a mom is a daily struggle of what gets done first in the never ending to-do list. It’s about time my well-being was on that list.
So here I am, publicly stating that I vow to work out at least 3 times a week. I will also eat healthier! Not just pick up whatever I can get my hands on as quickly as possible. 
What say you, wanna join me? 
My weight is fluctuating between 131-133 depending on what delicious food I ate.  But that needs to stop.
If you follow along you’ve read that I went for my first run sans child a couple of days ago. And I didn’t run again. Why? I’m in pain. Even my obliques are hurting from running. My core must  be really loose from pregnancy. 
But it made me happy. So ladies, who would like to join me in this battle down hill? I’m close to my pre-pregnancy weight but I don’t look or feel anything like I did before. Things have definitely shifted. So I’ll need to lose more weight in order to go back to my original size. But it doesn’t end there. I wasn’t happy with my weight then (I would give an eye for that body now).
I won’t be the same that I know. I’ll be better! I want to be healthier. Not only physically but I need to reconnect with God and myself as a woman. This will be an overhaul of me completely.
If you’re joining me let me know in the comments below, post your goal weight along with what you’ll be doing to improve your body, mind and soul. My goal weight is around 115. I plan on running/walking, eating more salads, fruits & veggies, more water and having a daily devotional with God!
 I hope to update you all on my progress soon with great news. 
Once again thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings.

Here’s to us ladies. Cheers!