Lose That Baby Weight Mom! Join us!

Now that all the parties are over and done with (I keep saying that!) and I’m breathing easier I’m able to focus on myself. At least for a few minutes. Come on, I’m still a mother after all!

I’ve started a little group for moms on Facebook and have been doing exercises along with them. Everyone knows that when you have others with the same goal, cheering you on you go farther!

So with the help of these lovely ladies, we are doing one of the Blogilates programs, which I’ll post below.  Would love to have you join us!  We are now on Day 3, but it doesn’t matter when you start as long as you do start.

After my c-section, if I did any exercises it was mostly for my glutes and legs. My abs are really weak and instead of trying to get them stronger I opted for other workouts.  It really is rough when your core is weak, you can’t hold yourself up.  Having a c-section is no joke, and I do not recommend it if it’s something you can opt out of.  I wrote a post about my birth story here, give it a read.

My focus is really to strengthen my core and so far it has worked. Day 3 of the workout schedule and I already feel stronger, able to complete fully most exercises.  Some, I still need more strength in order to do them correctly.  But I’m hanging in there and hope you’ll join me and the other mama’s.

Let’s make this year, a year to remember and forget our weaker selves.

Here’s the workout schedule:

Are you joining us? Let me know in the comments below.  Got some tips to stick to a program? Leave those too!

Photo Credit: Flickr// Metalife Pilates