It’s a dirty job I’ll tell ya

If you don’t have spit up, pee or poop somewhere on you at some point during the day you brought home from the hospital another life form. That ain’t no baby, lady.

And if you don’t accept this fact with humor you will get frustrated.  I’ve learned to just laugh at all of this.
Let’s change the baby? Sure…

{Although this happened once I had a laughing fit.}

I had Nicolas on our sofa and I’m changing his diaper, just pee. But he has another thing coming. Seriously, dude explodes on me, shoots some quite fast poop at me. Thankfully my face wasn’t close. He got me on belly though. Talk about projectile pooping. 
If there was Olympic event for this Nico would win hands down or ass up. Whatever you wanna call it. What distance! What sound, seriously my kid sounds like a truck driver. 
He doesn’t stop there, he begins to pee one more time. And I’m laughing like a maniac. Poop all over myself and now I’m trying to hold down the leak. 
That was too funny though.  
So don’t worry. If you decide to wear your favorite outfit one day. Just be warned, it might not be your favorite anymore. I suggest waiting for a baby free moment. 
I wear mostly my husbands old t shirts– all day.  Not the most attractive but my clothes are safe and honestly you won’t care what you’re wearing. If you bathed that day… It’s been a success!
Good luck mamas!!!

How about you? Any funny explosions happen in your life? Let me know in the comments below.