Co-Sleeping Revisited: Pros & Cons after Year 2

Co-sleeping is one of the character traits of attachment parenting. If you’ve followed me along on my journey through motherhood, you would know that I practice this parenting lifestyle.

To make things clear, co-sleeping is just another word for bed sharing.

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In the beginning of his bed-sharing/co-sleeping stage I wrote a piece about it, which you can read here. We are now almost approaching our 3 year mark and I thought his subject needed an update.

From birth to about 4 months of age my son would sleep in his bassinet next to me. Easier for night-time feeding. When the time came where he was getting too big for his bassinet I hesitantly tried moving him into his crib in his room. Continue reading “Co-Sleeping Revisited: Pros & Cons after Year 2”

Why we co-sleep

First off… Can I just say how fast time is passing by?  IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!

Alright, let’s begin. As a mother of a 7.5 month old baby I know how being sleep deprived can make us resort to things we wouldn’t normally do.

Being a parent is not about what’s convenient to us, it’s about what is best for your child.

Maybe you have a baby that just falls asleep at the drop of a hat, you just plop him in his crib and he’s out cold. Maybe you have a screaming baby and plopping him in a crib all alone will just stress him out and you.

Nicolas slept on my side of the bed in his bassinet until he was about 3.5/4 months, He was way too big for it and I had to get him out.  Well, putting him in his crib was the next option. That did not work for us.

Since I was not okay with leaving him in his crib to cry until he fell asleep, our option was to simply put him in our bed and that’s where he’s been for these months. It’s important to practice this method safely.

Keep blankets and loose items away from baby and always be aware that there’s a baby next to you. I’m a light sleeper and I do not move at night unless awake.  My husband on the other hand had to learn how to stay put (he succeeded).

I do miss having our bed to ourselves but for now co-sleeping with the little guy  snuggled up in between us works just fine.

I do see a lot of parents saying it will be better in the long run if you put the baby in his crib and let him cry. Honestly, that makes me cringe.

I wish I had a baby that would peacefully lay in his crib and dose off, that is not my child. My child needs to be held and rocked to sleep (mostly naps, he’s a terrible napper).

Our bedtime routine usually puts him in a very sleepy mode to which I just sit in an inclined position while he falls asleep on my shoulders. It works for us, I love it and he loves it.

We used the Contours Classique Wood Bassinet in Orion, it doubles as a changing table ( which we still use, especially for this baths, this is also where I store his bathtub, I’m working on a review for his tub coming up)

Learn more about co-sleeping here. and here reasons to not CIO.
Learn more about CIO here. (Ferber method, not something I recommend, but worth reading up on, not to be experimented with on babies younger than 6 months.)

Thanks for stopping in, let me know in the comments below what has worked for your family.



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