Christmas 2014 // Preparing for Crazy

I don’t know what has gotten into me. Maybe my brain is fried from almost a year of non-stop work. 14-18 hour shifts every single day must have messed something up in there.

I seriously don’t know how women function! It’s crazy.  But I digress.

Thanksgiving dinner was a success at my house. We had over 30 people, I rented a couple of tables and chairs, moved some furniture around and VOILA.. Party over here.

I took ZERO pictures. None of the food I prepared and none of the decor.  I was all over the place. But mostly trying to keep the kid from crying.

That in itself is stressful.  I prepared 5 dishes for that dinner, including a 20 pound turkey. I AM CRAZY.

Well now, Christmas is upon us and once again I’ll be hosting. This time Christmas eve dinner will have over 40 adults not counting any children.  Again? Crazy?

At least this time I started things early, but not early enough and I’m dragging along. Which makes me think I won’t get all I want done for the upcoming parties I need to deal with.  

I’ve chosen Gold & White as our Christmas colors and I’m so in love with it. It looks so elegant. LOVE!

I’m planning putting the menu together and divvying up who’s gonna make what. But I gotta say, I’m truly thinking of not making anything. Okay, maybe one dish.. ummmm two. Please stop me. I’m so excited to be sharing these first moments with my son that I’ve gone a tad overboard. I can’t forget that my son’s birthday is coming a couple weeks after that. (I really should have planned getting pregnant).

So to you mama’s that want to do it all and are exhausted…. I salute you. Come on aboard my crazy boat and let’s do this.

H E L P! 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!