Slippery baby, how do I clean you? (Bathing an infant)

I remember back when we got home from the hospital and Nico was a few days ago I was agonizing about bathing him.  I mean. How do you do it?  They’re so little and slippery, let’s just say, he didn’t have a good time (see picture).

I was terrified and he was crying the whole time. His bath-time was cut short that day for I could not stand to hear him sobbing over a bath. I can tell you it does get better!!!

after the failed bath attempt, of course I had  read up on HOW TO, since I don’t remember the last time I did such a thing, especially a baby a few days old.  I found this video had just what I was looking for, there’s also a transcript of the video in case you’re not able to watch it.

So, now armed with my new found knowledge, I tackled bath time one more time. And yay! It was a success.

Although newborns don’t need to be bathed very often (skin is very sensitive) it is good to know how to properly care for your little one.  It’s important to make sure the water temperature is comfortable, that there isn’t too much water, that you use just water or a very mild baby soap. It also helps to have soothing music in the background, especially if bath time is part of their sleep routine, which is in our home.

The only tub I have used for Nico is the 4Moms infant tub.
It’s a back saver! It fits in a standard kitchen sink, clean water in and dirty out. It also has a thermometer that tells you when the water is too cold, too hot or just right! I purchased one of those rubber ducky inflatable tubs for the Big tub but I haven’t used it yet. Mama loves routine and making the change to a big boy tub is way over due but I’m dreading it, I won’t lie.

How about you? How was your experience with bathing your little one? Did you panic or were you a pro?

First bath time picture quality isn’t so great but it’s one of “best” ones I have, I apologize.