5 Ways to Getting Your Baby Asleep FAST!

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I had nap time and bed time squared away for several months.  But it seems as if his sleeping schedule has gone haywire since the time change.  It doesn’t help that we have new teeth coming in. There has been some sleep lost and some stress gained.

I may have touched on the subject of sleep a few times before in previous posts on how important it is for brain development and such. The benefits for baby are fantastic, we all know that.  But as a bonus, we get to actually get things done when they are not around.  You can read more about our sleeping habits here & here.

Having a mobile baby that refuses to sleep is one of my worst nightmares. You get nothing done and spend most of your time just saying No, don’t touch that or getting things out of their hands they shouldn’t be touching.  It really makes for a stressful day.

With the time change, things have shifted quite a bit here.  I’m trying to catch up and make sure my son is comfortable since he has no clue the time has changed. A bedtime that was “scheduled” for 6:30 pm is now “technically” 7:30 pm.  CRANKY BABY CENTRAL! I did meet him halfway and have been slowly pushing the time he sleeps little by little.

The first few days were rough and though I’m still working through a couple of things, we are getting almost settled into our new sleeping patterns.

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Here are 5 Tips for getting baby asleep fast!

  1. Make sure your baby doesn’t go from super busy, loud and hyper scenarios to bed. Calming a kid down is a task in itself.  Making sure they are mellow before they go down is super important and less stressful for you and baby. Decompress that baby!
  2. Make sure the room they are sleeping in is cool. Babies don’t regulate their body temperature as well as we do. So making sure they are properly dressed and a cool temperature makes sleep come easier.
  3. WHITE NOISE! I can’t stress how important this is.  While baby was in the womb, he constantly heard noises. Your heartbeat being one of them.  I have a fan on in the room while he sleeps every time. I even travel with it!  It helps lull them to sleep quicker and helps with outside noise reduction.  You can find several inexpensive ones on Amazon, or you can even use apps on your phone.
  4. Full tummy.  Not only will that make them sleep longer but if you put  baby to breast or bottle before they are going to sleep it will take no effort to get them to stay asleep.  This has been a life saver for me.
  5. If all else fails, rocking your baby while making a shushing sound helps tremendously.  Although it requires more work.  I feel their sleep is more important than my arm getting tired.  I don’t want my child missingany zzzzz’s since I know how crucial sleep is to my little guy’s development.

Here’s to some great naps!

Do you have some other baby sleeping techniques to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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