Must Have Items for Baby & Mama // First Months

baby's First months

It’s MONDAY! Okay, for a stay at home mom it’s just like any other day. So no more hatred for Mondays here. That’s a reason to celebrate. I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some quality time with their family.  We did! Yesterday was “Children’s Day” in Brazil and Nico got some cool gifts. (Why on earth don’t we have this holiday here?) Anyways, I wrote a little list of most used items for the first months of a baby’s life. Here we go.

Being pregnant is such an exciting moment in a woman’s life.  It really is. It’s amazing to feel your little one move inside of you. There are really no words but it is also a very uncertain time. With the countless amounts of products out there it really does a number on you.  I tried reading up on most things I purchased for Nico but it is hard work and exhausting. Some products I just gave up and just picked one, got tired of trying to decide which is best. But I got through it. And there are things I’m still working on. It’s a learning process. You never really know what else your child will need, so I add new things as needed.

But there are some MUST BUY items every mama should have.



Breast pads, Nipple cream, Breast pump, Storage bags, bottles (I use Avent Bottles), bottle cleaning brushes, bottle rack dryer, burp cloths, and a nursing pillow. If formula feeding you’ll also need a powdered formula dispenser. I did not however purchase a bottle warmer, but you are welcome to. Click here to learn about breast milk storage.


Bathtub (I wrote a blog post about this one, you can read it here), Baby towels (I have 4), Mild Baby Shampoo and body wash. (I use this)


Bassinet – A must for those night time feedings and want baby nearby to make it easier on mama & baby. You do not need a crib yet unless you want one. I really just got one to finish the babies room (which he’s never spent a night in)
Swaddle Blankets (At first I used the regular brands they sell any baby store then switched over to the muslin blankets from Aden + Anais– best choice ever, they are gauze like, breathable, less worrying about baby suffocating and what not.)


Stroller & Car Seat: (I purchased a travel system – honestly it was one of the most difficult things to buy.  There are too many options. This is what we have in the Sandstone color.
Infant Carrier: I must say this is something I use often. Baby wearing is something I do a lot and will write more about it in another post. I own 2. This one and this one. The Moby feels nice but it’s just too complicated to be taken out regularly, living in Florida and having all that cloth around you is just too much. I may be used it 4 times total, all at home when Nico was very little. Now the Ergo Baby, I use all the time.  


Diaper bag: (Now this one, also there are so many to choose from, This is what I have in Royal Envy. I love it but am thinking of getting a second one from Lily Jade, they have some really nice bags and they look like regular hand bags.)
Diapers: Disposable or Cloth (Working a blog post about this)
Wipes (We use 7th generation, and I have never used my wipes holder, it’s sitting in Nico’s closet untouched)
I did not purchase a diaper pail and I still haven’t seen a need for it till today.


Pacifiers (Nico has always used these, although I bought others and even that hideous hospital one, I don’t know what kind of voodoo the hospital has with the company that makes them, but they need to stop. I’m glad he chose this one.)
Baby Clothes (You probably won’t have to purchase much of these early on, but Nico didn’t wear newborn for too long. So If you’re going to buy clothes yourself, I suggest a few smaller pieces but the bulk should be bigger sizes, keeping in my mind of the weather when your child will be wearing it. I used hats on Nico maybe up until 2 months, he never wore gloves – choking hazard, but he definitely wore socks.

Health & Safety: 

I bought those First Aid Kits & Grooming Kits.  The bulb syringe in those are crap, the hospital ones are good, ask the nurses for a second one.  Most of the items in those kits I have not used, aside from nail clippers. I also bought those forehead thermometers, which I still have no idea how it works.  My plan is to buy the ear thermometers, they seem like a no-brainer, but I hope not to use it any time soon.

There are things that you might need or want to use sometimes. Like a pack n’ play or a swing but those are not necessary.  Nico has a swing that we may be used 10 times at most. It’s just gathering dust. He just wasn’t satisfied sitting in there doing nothing.  Some babies are more mellow. 

Hope you enjoyed this list. How about you? What are some of your most used items? Did they make it on my list? Am I missing something? Let me me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for stopping in.