Avoid at all costs

Okay ladies, dressing a baby is not an easy task.

I’ve thought on a few occasions of cutting the outfit off his body, I kid you not. Why did I insist on putting this on him?

I mostly have baby Nico in onesies and socks, onesies with pants that have socks on them and the occasional sleep n’ play (pj looking thing for us newbies). You’ll go through quite a few during the day so you want something easy and fast to put on and remove.

Now what type you should get? Light and stretchy. Try putting a onesie over a baby’s head without stretch, you will leave them naked..Make sure the sleeves are also stretchy and give the baby enough arm space (baby Nico is getting quite chunky) I’ve been noticing how hard it’s becoming to put certain clothes on him. So I’m retiring some of them already.
Trying to put a Ralph Lauren outfit on a baby is not cool mom. Fabric doesn’t stretch, baby gets aggravated and so do you. There’s only so much bending a baby will do. I know they are cute but don’t buy them… Thankfully mine were gifts (sorry!)
Let’s not even begin to talk about girls clothes. And those bows? Poor girls.
Sorry mamas, but your baby hates them.
Have any other advice for dressing your little ones? I’d love it if you shared.