Mother’s Day String Art Craft

mother's day handmade gift ideas

Mother’s Day String Art Craft

I love handmade gifts and this Mother’s Day String Art Craft is perfect for Mother’s Day. The possibilities are endless really. You can use this for many occasions.

I’ve been meaning to post this up but once I started creating the string art itself I got carried away and began tackling other craft and painting jobs.

Last minute shopper? If you haven’t found something to give to your mom than this is the gift for her.

These string art crafts are too adorable and told myself one day I’ll get one done. Years had gone by and nothing until this week! I’m so happy to be sharing this with you. Once you start creating it and get the hang of it, it will go by quickly.

Still haven’t gotten your mom or grandma a gift to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you have a couple of hours, patience and a few items then you’ll have a fabulous String Art gift to give to the special mom in your life. Tug at your mom’s hearts strings with a hand-made gift.

Things Remembered

String Art Heart Tutorial ♥

what you’ll need:

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Optional: If you want it to hang on a wall, make sure you add it BEFORE beginning this process! I used sawtooth picture hangers.

how to make it:

First, grab the wood surface you’ll be working on and paint/stain how you want or use the wood bare if you like that look. I used a beige spray paint in mine since I chose a darker color string. I left mine out in the sun, so it dried super quick.mother's day craft

Next, grab your template and place it on the wood. Gather your nails and begin hammering, about a half an inch apart. You could measure it if you like but I just eye-balled it. In the process I discovered my hammering skills need some help. I banged up quite a few nails. Once you have covered your image completely with nails, remove the template by ripping it off your board.hand-made mother's day gift

Now the fun part begins, tie a knot around the bottom nail and begin stringing around the border like you are tracing the heart, tie it off and cut string when done. Now tie the string again at the bottom and begin a pattern from bottom to opposite top.

Once you’ve gone all around tie off the end. Here you can begin using a new colored string, if you want to or just continue with the same color. This time I didn’t go in any specific pattern, I just went with the flow until I felt the heart was “full” enough”. Tie if off at the end and cut your string.

mother's day gift ideas

Technically you are done. If that’s what you are looking for. But I went ahead and decided to paint MOM on the bottom of my wood plank. It came out great.

I first tried a few different styles before attempting to paint on it. I cut out my favorite one and traced onto the wood with a marker then I began to paint it with black ink.

mother's day handmade gifts

There you have it. I hope you give string art a try and make one for  mom or grandma or use it for a home project.

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