Happy June! Please be Good to Me

Hello Mama’s!!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC month of May and are looking forward to June.

May is my birth month so it’s bittersweet that it has passed but I’m excited about what June has in store. Now that all the house guests have officially left as of this morning I can tackle my to-do list. I’m super happy about that!

We were in Orlando this weekend with our visitors and we just got back last night. The kiddo is now recovering from lack of naps and this mama is on fire getting things laundered and cleaned.


We have put our house up for sale and had lots of showings over the weekend. I’m happy about the traffic and sad to have to leave this place. I do love this house. But I really would like to move somewhere else. We haven’t even talked about where we’d like to move to and we probably we’ll get an offer on the house today!!! So that means, we should definitely have the talk!!

I would love a beach front property but I’m not sure that’s where we’ll move to. I’d have to convince the hubby. I do want something smaller and easier to take care of then the house we currently have.  I moved to this place when I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t really put the house together since I was the size of a bus.

Then the baby came, an expected c-section (which you can read here) and I tried to do my best but in the beginning it was so hard! I still have unopened boxes of things in the garage (obviously, I don’t have the need for them)

I wrote about de-cluttering a few posts back (4 Ways to a Happier You) and that’s exactly what I feel like doing.  I want something smaller, less things & clutter and want to travel and spend more time outdoors instead of worrying about cleaning and organizing.

So which us luck on this next step in our lives. Let’s hope for great offers coming in and a smooth transition into a new home.  One that I will put together (fingers crossed I don’t accidentally get pregnant)

I’m more determined to keep writing more & more. I was totally slacking off but these past few months have been chaotic. Between house guests, traveling & birthdays, life has been stressful for my little world. First World Problems as you know.  But I’m taking the reigns and focusing on writing, staying healthy & fit and moving to a new place.

Hope you all stick around! I’m going to be posting more about the move and where we decide to place our little roots one more time. I’m already looking for moving supplies & will post some moving tips and would love to hear some of your tips. Help a mama out! Give me your best EVER moving tips for chaos free move in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping in. Have a wonderful month ladies and any gents that happen to read this!

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