A Few Of My Favorite Things | Friday Faves

I’ve started a Friday Faves once before but I never stuck it out. So here I am trying again to to post a few of my favorite things. It’s no secret that I love to shop. I mean who doesn’t? And it’s not all glitz and glam either. Shopping just soothes my soul and getting home with lots of things to put away or having boxes arrive at your doorstop from online orders is just heaven.

This week’s list will be about a few of the things I’m using to simplify my life, whether it goes on my face, body or home… I hope you’ll be introduced to some new things and who knows? Maybe it will become one of your favorite things too. Continue reading “A Few Of My Favorite Things | Friday Faves”

Dove Self-Care & The New Mom on the Move

“This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the Dove and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.”

I must admit I truly looked disheveled the first few months of becoming a new mom. Yoga pants and stained t-shirts were my jam. Since a few years have gone by I’ve learned a few tricks here and there, also it helps that my son is now more independent.

Perhaps you are in the same boat I was in, probably struggling to sneak in a shower. If you are that mom on the move, I’m here to help you get your self-care routine back in line.

How do you find the time for self-care as a mom on the move?

Well, although it’s easier said then done you can find the time but you have to really focus. I’m so excited to work with Dove to try their Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant and bring you these doable self-care tips. Continue reading “Dove Self-Care & The New Mom on the Move”

14 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

I don’t know about you but I think toddlers are such difficult little creatures. With the attention span a fish and limited vocabulary you can see why sitting them down to create elaborate projects is a big no-no.

I know a lot of people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day, however I love holidays and it’s fun to come up with different activities to do.

I’ve scoured the internet for easy Valentine’s Day crafts and activities you can do with your toddler with the least amount of hair pulling involved. Most of these can be done with basic craft items that require little set up.

Check them out!!!

Hearth Wreath by Powerful Mothering

diy-heart-wreath-for-kidsColoring Pages | To Be a Kid Again

Coloring-pages-valentines Continue reading “14 Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for Toddlers”

Folgers Jingle Contest | Calling All Musicians

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First of all, If I tell the amount of lyrics to songs and jingles I have stored in my head you would think how is that possible? But it’s true, I can remember songs like it’s no one’s business. It’s a gift I tell ya.

In fact, one iconic jingle that comes to mind is “Best part of wakin’ up…” jingle. You can probably finish that can’t you? It’s difficult not to, it’s such a catchy tune!

This year Folgers has teamed up with country music singer-songwriter Chris Young to encourage aspiring musicians to create their own rendition of the iconic Best Part of Wakin’ Up™ Jingle.

Continue reading “Folgers Jingle Contest | Calling All Musicians”