Baby Update – 8 months old // Growth & Development

So my little boy is officially 8 months today.  You wouldn’t believe how fast time passes.  Has it really been 8 months of non-stop 13-17 hour shifts? Before I get to all of his stats. I would like to congratulate myself.  Wow.  That was a whole lot of work people!  Every single diaper change, every feeding, every bath, every nap time, every bed time. I’d say 99.9% of it was done by me.  I don’t know where I have gathered the strength from but I’m doing it. To all the mama’s and papa’s out there, Congratulations.  It is definitely a tough job not for the faint of heart.

Going back to Nico:

This week we’ve have gone through some changes and it has altered his sleeping patterns. My baby that used to sleep all night will now wake up around 3 am.  Thankfully he still goes to bed pretty early so he’s still getting plenty of sleep but mama is tired.  He will wake up saying mama, wanting to crawl, laughing, blowing raspberries.  I mean he’s ready to party! LOL.  So I get up, change his diaper and give him a bottle, than he’s back to sleep for another 3 hrs or so.

As I mentioned above he’s been saying Mama quite a lot, especially when he wants to be picked up. He’s such a mama’s boy. 🙂

Height: 28 3/4
Weight: 19.11 lbs
Teeth: 6  (2 on the bottom and 4 on top)
Mobility: Crawls on all fours, can and will lift himself up on furniture/people
Likes to be up on his two feet
Loves to laugh
Wakes up smiling and babbling
Only wants his mama and will cry if I step away from him
Is starting to wave bye-bye
Working on clapping 🙂

It’s so fun seeing his progression.  He’s been crawling military style for almost 2 months if not 2 months and just decided out of the blue one afternoon, hey.. Let me get on all fours. It really has been astounding to watch.  It’s funny how every little accomplishment is exciting. I started to read a book called The Scientist in the Crib, and it’s been very eye opening to say the least. (I bought an used one)  They are little scientists, aliens really, discovering our way of life. If you get a chance to pick it up, I recommend it.

Well, that’s it kiddos.  What are you looking forward to your child doing? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Baby Update – 8 months old // Growth & Development”

  1. Congratulations momma! Eu sei quão trabalhoso é, quão repetitivo e o quanto ficamos de lado pra que tudo saia bem com o baby! Parabéns, você merecia um spa day at least!!! Que Deus te conceda graça, sabedoria e renovo na mente, no físico… Ele sabe o quanto precisamos! 🙂 mais quatro meses and he'll be one! Congratulations handsome boy!!!!!

  2. Thank you!! Eh verdade, um spa day seria otimo!! O tempinho que nao para pra nada. Ja estou com saudade do meu little baby. Eh incrivel isso. Enjoy your baby girl o maximo possivel pq daqui a pouco ela vai falar, nao mae, me deixa aqui mesmo pros meus amigos nao te verem. LOL.. at least that's how it is in movies. Beijos

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