Battling Postpartum Weight

36 weeks pregnant

So I gained about 37-39 pounds during pregnancy. I didn’t weigh myself my last week of being pregnant so I’m not entirely sure but it should be around that.

I’m currently weighing 137.2 pounds as of today but it fluctuates between 136 and that, depends on the goodies I’ve consumed or not during my day. 
When I found out I was pregnant I was 4 weeks and weighing 129 pounds.  I stopped breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago. 🙁 (I’ll write about that on another post)
Anyhow, I’ve read that your body keeps those last 10 pounds while breastfeeding.. Maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone but it did happen to me. Ever since I’ve stopped I’ve gone down 2-3 lbs.
Now this is where the problem is…. I’m either too tired to exercise or too busy, most of the times both. Let’s not forget I’ve had major abdominal surgery which still kinda scares me to do many movements (I’m a sissy) – at 6 months I should apparently be all good… We’re almost there!And following a healthy food plan is not easy. I eat whenever I can, whatever I can… Just a few moments ago I was eating chips (hey, at least they were baked.. It’s veggie!)
Baby was hungry and so was I.. So I did the sensible thing. Grabbed a bag and his bottle and both of us were happy. Although he gets cuter and I ? Well… Not so cute. Ok…I’m not that bad but I could stand to lose 10-15 lbs… Maybe 20. 
So when will this actually take off? Who knows. I take care of 97% of all things Baby. Occasionally someone will pick Nico up or something. My job is 24/7 literally. God will have to intervene and give me divine strength to actually follow a workout/meal plan.
How about you? Any tips on losing the baby weight? Getting an exercise plan in place? I would love to know!!

Also!! Happy 5 months to this cutie pie! Mama loves you!