Just Go With the Flow?

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I’ve read about how children at any moment can change their behavior.  They no longer like a toy, one day they are laying unable to move, next their up on their belly rolling.  The amount of growth that happens with these little people is insane.

The same thing happens with sleep.  Nicolas has always been pretty predictable when it comes to his sleep routine.  But ever since we came back from our month long trip from Jacksonville visiting my parents. THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

The first night back he slept fine, but then it changed to waking up in the middle of night.  Wanting to play!  Wanting to jump on your face at 2 am? Oh man, it’s been rough.  I never know what he’ll do.   Then daylight savings time happened, BOOM! Let me confuse things even more for you.

Whatever happened to my champion sleeper? Baby, come back!

The days & night had kinda become one.  Minimal amount of house work is getting done. I just don’t have the energy.  And when I look again, there is that mess I just cleaned yesterday.  It’s relentless.

{update} Since I began writing this he has slept three days in a row from 6:40 till 5-6 am, oh I hope this lasts.  Today he actually woke up at 5:25 am, had his bottle and went back to sleep until 8:40, this certainly never happens, I’m amazed. Is he back? I hope I didn’t jinx it while writing this.

One thing that has been like clockwork is how much Nico wants me to stay with him every second after his afternoon nap. I usually wait until I have most of the housework done to go out and do something. Maybe go to a park, visit family or shop. I will also not leave the house unless he’s had a nice long nap in the morning.  I have a system in place that I enjoy.

I hate change. (I might have said this before, don’t mind me.)

But I’m trying to go with the flow. Letting go of structure.  So what if the mess doesn’t get picked up as neatly as I’d like it to be? My to-do lists that I’m so attached to? Not even writing them lately.

That’s parenting for ya. Go with the flow.

With prepping for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, CHRISTMAS & New Year’s, and his upcoming 1st birthday in just 2 months (WHAT??) My head is about to explode.

Trying to take it one day at a time.  Doing what I can and enjoying my little guy as much as possible. He is growing so fast and I miss my baby already. I see him turning into a little man everyday more and more.  It’s crazy scary! But good. I’m going to enjoy interacting with him.

Soon he’ll be walking and they’ll be no containing him. Good-bye housework!! (Not that I’m complaining)

My procrastinating person is screaming on the inside.   It’s dying for a break. But I must push through and get S*it done.

I need your TOP tips of getting things done as painlessly as possible, write them in the comments below.