5 Quick & Easy Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

With Halloween just a few couple of days away I invited my very best friend Becky from Topshop Stone (Website in the works) to share with you guys some easy pumpkin decor with things you might have laying around your house. Something old, something new or something borrowed!!!

We’re going to show you how to decorate 5 pumpkins with a few store bought items and items you are might have at home. Could be something you still use or are wishing it will go back in fashion 
or you borrow things from family members. Easy right?
What you will need:
*This post contains affiliate links to make your shopping list easier. 

Something Old ◄

A brooch , old sunglasses, a hat, also try to re-use a few past Halloween accessories ,*i have a crown and masks… Masks are fun!!
Something New ◄
I had to buy glitter and fabric paint which were on sale and I don’t think there’s such thing as pumpkin paint..the poor pumpkin will not be able to tell either way!
Something Borrowed ◄

Kids hair bows!! That depends on how attached you are to them 🙂 *my daughter is 10 and she likes to sport the jungle disheveled look. I can use what ever bow I find! I also borrowed her school glue (don’t tell her) .. I didn’t want this to be way too expensive.

1♄ Sparkle Princess

So I just covered the little one in Elmer’s glue, added some glitter to a disposable plate and rolled it around on the glitter. Super easy.

2♄ Cute and Dainty

With a Sharpie marker a made little spots and added dots of fabric glue to make it look like raised bumps.
3♄ Manly Pumpkin 

I searched online for a mustache template from Lovepapercrafts.com so I could trace it with a sharpie. I filled it in with fabric glue, quickly comb through your mustache, giving it a hairy effect (or you could buy a fake mustache too)

 4♄ Fancy Lady Pumpkin

I had a couple of those flower brooches  (hope you do too)
So just pin it in to the pumpkin so you don’t compromise the brooch and so you can save it to when it goes back in style.

5♄ Family Pumpkin

I added our family’s initial to the pumpkin with a black Sharpie and added some golden touches with some glitter. Add some squiggly lines, polka dots and finalized it with the year our family was established. This one is having on our front porch. 

You can really get as creative as you like! The pumpkin is your oysters. Got ninja masks? Make a ninja pumpkin, got turtle mask , paint your pumpkin green and you got a ninja pumpkin turtle … Hey even if it’s not green you would recognize Leonardo anywhere (or just paint it green).

I hope you enjoyed this post and get your creative juices flowing. I’d like to thank Becky again for making these pumpkins so adorable!! Now go get your pumpkins and supplies!

Thanks for reading!

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