Vintage Airplane Party – DIY

Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party

I’m excited to be sharing this special Vintage Airplane Party for my son’s first birthday. I had a hard time deciding on the theme for my son’s first birthday party.

He doesn’t really have any LIKES at this point.  But once I decided on vintage airplanes, it was full speed ahead. I plan on posting a tutorial or two for a few things from the party.

Party concept & design was done by me and I gotta say, it takes a lot of work. And I didn’t even do EVERYTHING I wanted to do.  I also get a lot of last minute ideas as I’m working so it’s nerve-wrecking but oh so worth it.

The original party plan was to have it at home in our backyard. The fence would have been the perfect backdrop for Vintage Airplane Birthday Party look I was going for but a week in advance the weather prediction was for rain.  And if you have known me for a while now, you know it rained on my wedding day and ruined my outdoor backyard wedding but the show went on. I didn’t want the same thing to happen so we booked the clubhouse in our neighborhood.

One big thing was missing from the party design that totally slipped my mind. You see those beautiful gold suitcases in the picture above? One of them was meant to be the cake stand and I only noticed it when we were blowing his birthday candle!! Oh man! That’s one disappointment I’m going to live with for a long while. But life goes on.  Hope you enjoy my boy’s Vintage Airplane Party decor & photos and stay tuned for some tutorials from the event.

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Vintage Airplane Party - First Birthday Party Ideas - DIY kids birthday parties

These chocolate cups we had especially made for the party, it has passion fruit mousse inside with chocolate shavings on top. But you could whip these up at home too. It went along quite well with the Vintage Airplane Party theme I picked out.

Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party first birthday, themed party
Vintage Airplane Party paper airplanes centerpiece, first birthday
Vintage Airplane Party first birthday, vintage airplane birthday party
Vintage Airplane Party airline ticket invitation
These cute invitations where hand-made and I’ll be posting a tutorial on how I made them. The chalkboard sign was also pretty simple to make.
Vintage Airplane Party chalkboard art
Vintage Airplane Party first birthday party
Vintage Airplane Party
The wooden airplane on top was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The Cake topper banner I made myself, You can check out the tutorial here. Super simple to make.

Vintage Airplane Party Airplane cake topper

Vintage Airplane Party airplane cake topperThe wooden utensils were personalized by hand. You can find the wooden utensils I purchased here , I purchased the alphabet stamp set at Hobby Lobby, but you can purchase a similar one here. I wanted one with the fleur-de-lis and lower case letters, typewriter font style to add a more vintage flair to the details.

Vintage Airplane Party

I spray painted some galvanized metal flower buckets red similar to these and added fresh flower foam bricks and attached the paper airplanes to green stem wires. Let me know if you want a tutorial!

Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
 We kept food simple with cheese platters, deli meats & cheese sandwiches,
 pasta salad and grilled some burgers. (Not pictured)
Vintage Airplane Party
Vintage Airplane Party
This hot air balloon was such a hit with the kiddos and moms, everyone took a turn taking a picture inside it. Although it was time consuming to make I loved how it turned out. I may post a tutorial in the future but it will be hard to re-create it.
Vintage Airplane Party
The golden suitcases you see on the left bottom corner were meant to be used under the cake, but I totally forgot when the time came. 🙁
I purchased them at Home Goods. You can browse Amazon’s selection of antique luggage here.
Vintage Airplane Party
There you have it! I hope you enjoy this Vintage Airplane Party decor and photos.
Vintage Airplane Party

Around the World Map Favor Box   
Airplane Cookie Cutters by Sur La Table
Wood Utensils
–Similar Favor Box (luggage sets)
–Concept & Styling: Ellen Oliveira
–Photography: Lucia Sa
–Invitation & Paperie: Ellen Oliveira
–Cake: JJ Cakes
–Sweets: Bruna Mariana
–Chairs, tables, linens & Backdrop: Marlene Eventos


Thanks for checking it out!



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27 thoughts on “Vintage Airplane Party – DIY”

  1. This is SUCH a great party! I too love throwing parties (my daughter's mermaid themed bash is this weekend!), so I really enjoyed seeing all of your creative ideas. For my son's first birthday, we did a nautical theme (here's a link if you care to check it out…, but this vintage airplane theme is giving me major inspiration. maybe for his 2nd birthday? 🙂 Anyway, thanks so much for sharing…it looks amazing!

  2. I think my previous comment got deleted. I said:
    WOW! This is amazing. Do you want to plan all my three of my kids parties, every year?! I could never do anything this amazing!

  3. Really cute idea and gorgeous setup!! We are planning a Mickey Mouse party for our son's 1st birthday in the summer. Certainly not as original as yours, but hopefully it will be nice 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  4. Thank you. When I was buying all of the accents I thought to myself, I don't want to spend money and have it just be sitting in my garage. So I ultimately decided on things I could reuse. So no waste. Such a great age!

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