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When I first started writing, it was a way of letting go of some steam from the hard work that is motherhood.  As I continued, I got more and more into it.  The technical and social aspects.  But it’s work.  So I’ll be still writing but I won’t put the stress of writing 3 times a week like I have been imposing on myself.

Life happens. Things change.  Baby goes through changes, you sleep less, get less house work done and writing about it seems more like a chore than letting off steam.

I will continue to write. I’ve always loved to read and write and love to share the daily happenings of my life.  I hope to inspire some of you to become mothers.  And root the ones that are mothers already and feel the pain of motherhood and the weight of it. I’m spreading myself thinly lately and mama needs a breather.

We are all in this together. I hope to help you with a virtual shoulder to cry upon or share a great experience you’ve had.

I’m glad I have you all to listen to my ramblings and enjoy everyone of your comments.

Big things are coming up

  • Thanksgiving is just around the corner 
    • Hosting the family this year, around 25+ people coming! Lots of food, lots of fun and lots of mess!!! Nerve-wrecking but exciting none the less.
  • Christmas
    • It’s Nicolas’ first Christmas, I’m beyond pumped to get things rolling. 
  • New Years
    • Okay, let’s just say I’m excited for everything!!!
  • My son’s first birthday!!
    • Need I say more? Cue in the party for the parents! Come on, he’ll love the photos when he’s older.  It won’t be a huge party, but it will be special.

I hope to share a little bit of some decoration inspiration and some yummy recipes.

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great week and I hope to hear from you all.

3 thoughts on “Big Things are Coming Up | Preparation Mode ON”

  1. Yes, it is hard to keep up with everything else and a blog sometimes. I took last week off of blogging (and social media) because I just felt like I needed that break. You will feel better once you ease up on yourself a bit 😉

  2. I hear you. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and get yourself together before you could come back and keep powering through. 🙂 I think everyone needs a break once in a while! I recently took one as well!

  3. Isso aê! Se o blog vira uma obrigação obrigação, perde o encanto de ser gostoso, né? Eu também ficava neurótica por escrever 3x por semana, depois desencanei! =) Mês que vem vou começar a planejar a festinha de um ano…como sou muito diy tenho que começar cedo! Bjs!!!

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