A Little Time Away

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I promised myself I would be writing posts three times a week and I think I’ve managed to do that once. (Shrug) Sometimes life gets in the way.  But I’m working on that. 

Well, following my previous post (read here) I’ve decided to take a little trip to Jacksonville to visit my parents.  Nico has become very very attached to me and my mom and dad live 5 hours away, it’s not easy but here we are! Trying to get this boy to like me a little less. Hehe

I drove Sunday night.  Definitely recommend -You should always drive at night so the baby/child will sleep through the ride.  We didn’t stop once and he slept all the way here. SCORE!

He did wake up when we arrived around 11:00 p.m. he looked around trying to recognize where he was and obviously did not.  I was exhausted, had been trying to keep myself awake for over an hour already but Nico did cooperate.  When we settled in and I laid him down, he kept trying to get up and sitting, looking around, looking at me (Hey ma, this isn’t my room type of look).  I’m not gonna lie, that was very frustrating and I took him a while to settle down but he did and we were able to get some rest.

Day 1 // Wouldn’t go to anyone unless I wanted him to cry, which he did. So back to mom he goes
Day 2 // Some improvement, would go with my sister in law and my brother, was a little hesitant with my mother and my father just looked from afar. Hehe.
Day 3 // More improvement! Now goes to everyone as long as I walk away quickly and stay away, if he lays his eyes on me, FORGET IT!
Day 4 // Will now go with everyone and may or may not cry if he sees me. Will cry If I look directly at him and want his mama.

We’ll see what Day 5 is in store for us!!  Who knows, maybe a manicure is in the near future (Lord knows I need it)

Thanks for reading and wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “A Little Time Away”

  1. Ellen when you come back we can continue having our playdates but also babysit for each other! LOL Ben has been very clingy lately as well…he has been crying like crazy the past few weeks: like MOM MOM MOM!!! and I'm going nuts 🙂

  2. Yes! Let's. When do they start being at grandma's house better than yours? That's what I wanna know. I'm gonna see the doc again when I return. I still have that cough. I'm over it. It comes and goes.

  3. Cool!!!!! Glad you're enjoying some family time!!! Acho que eles começam a gostar mais da casa da vó quando descobrem que lá tem doces…. Hahahahaha!!! VAI FAZER ESSA UNHA!!!!!!! Aproveita!!!!!!!!!!


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