What is Swaddling + How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling, what a blessing!

For all you moms-to-be this is a must! Your baby will love being rolled up like a burrito. He’ll remember all the good times snuggled up in your belly.
What is swaddling?

Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar cloth so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted. Swaddling bands were often used to further restrict the infant. Source: Wikipedia

Here’s a video on how to swaddle your little one properly.

My child was swaddled up to month 3. (In and out)  He decided it was time by coming out of every night, and that’s when it gets unsafe. You don’t want loose blankets around them, it could cause them to suffocate. (Cribs should be clear of blankets, stuffed animals and even crib bumpers)

Some babies will just want out of his swaddle from the get go.  Some you’ll have to wean them out.
Try with one arm out, then gradually increase to a leg or the arm and so forth. Eventually they will feel comfortable enough out them.

Here’s the swaddle blanket I used. 

You can also use pre-folded ones like these.

Happy Swaddling Mama’s and Papa’s!

BLW, What’s that? (Baby led weaning)

It is recommended for babies to start solids at 6 months of age, some babies are ready before but most aren’t and that’s okay. At first I made some fruit purees for Baby Nico, around 5 and half months.  After reading up on BLW (Baby led weaning) it became clear of what I was going to do next.

BLW isn’t weaning baby off of breast-milk or formula (those should still be baby’s main food source) but getting baby accustomed to new tastes & textures, by allowing baby to feed himself he also is working on his hand-eye coordination and grasping skills.
But in a nut shell, basically baby eats what we eat, cut up pieces of fruit, veggies, meat that baby will be able grab. Steaks can be cut into long strips, fruits into wedges… But stay close, babies have a really sensitive gag reflex, which helps them with not chocking.  It’s a little frightening at first, you think they are chocking, but they’re not used to what you’re feeding them so it’s normal for them to want to spit it out or not know what to do once it’s further in their mouth.  I’m still getting the hang of it and have been doing more and more research on types of foods to offer baby and how to manage his salt intake. It’s definitely easier and funner to do than pureeing foods, but be prepared for food being thrown and messy floors.  A naked baby is best for clean up.

He’s had broccoli, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, coconut, steak, eggs, toast & asparagus.  Next we’ll be trying quinoa, pears, peaches and melons. 
Sometimes he eats more, sometimes he’ll just nibble, and that’s okay. Baby is exploring and that is the point to all of this.  We want baby to learn.

Here’s an example:


Time – Breast milk or formula
1hr or so after – fully cooked scrambled eggs, strips of toast and a slice of fruit or half a banana (keep part of the peel for baby to grasp better, that sucker is slippery after baby has been gnawing on it.)
Follow the same procedure, always feed baby beast milk or formula first. Follow within the next hour with broccoli (trees) strips of chicken/beef (big enough for baby to hold and suck/chew on)
Same procedure with breast milk or formula.
Turkey meatballs cut in half with some rotini (screw-shaped) pasta.
These are just examples. You may choose to just give baby one type of food if you’d like or just one meal. 
My son will not eat a whole lot, and most of it ends up on the floor LOL, but this takes time and it’s a great way up create great food habits early on! 
What about you?  What is your experience with baby led weaning? What did you start with? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by.

Are we different or what?

It seems like I’m on a boat all by myself, well… with baby.

My almost 7 month old is very strict on when he needs to sleep, and he won’t budge.  It’s not my doing. He just decided he was going to sleep and wake up at a certain time and babies like knowing what’s coming next.

When I tell people I won’t go somewhere at night, the shock in their faces is apparent.

My son has a schedule and his bedtime is between 6:30 and 7:30 at the latest and that is pushing it. He’s not a very good day napper. He naps 2-3 times, if he naps that third time it’s a catnap. His longest nap is usually the morning one, between 9 and 10:30, he’ll nap again around 1or 2 pm and we’ll be sleepy around 4, he may have a catnap, he may not.. if not, he’ll be fussy by 5:30 and I’ll be trying to keep him occupied so he won’t complain.  (I’ll break down his daily routine better in another post)

It seems that I see babies out and about at late hours of the night, 9, 10 , 11, midnight? My son would cry bloody murder if I kept him up that long.  When I’ve pushed his bedtime back to 8:45 he would not settle down and cry. I understand, he was overtired, and calming down an overtired baby is no joke.  What about you mamas? Can your baby stay up till those late hours? or does he cave? Share your bedtime routine with us.

Thanks for coming by!!

Showers and Shaved legs

Yes!!  They are back!!!  They’ve been back for a while now but I’ve been so busy doing them that I don’t have the time for my blog.  LOL.

In the beginning I would try to do this when the baby was asleep, now that’s changed.
He has to be awake, fed and had a good nap.  Mama puts this kid in his little chair, ties him up, gives him toys to play and props him in front of my shower door.  Voila, I can shower in peace, well most of the times. Sometimes the perfect combination I mentioned above isn’t quite right and he’ll start whining at the end of my shower. But he can take it. He’s a big boy.

Ladies!! Come feel my legs, smooth as Nico’s bottom.

Here’s to showers, shaved legs and happy babies. Quick post just to share how happy I am with this.


Unfortunately most mothers are competing for God knows what.

I’m sure you’ve heard.

Mom1: My child does this {insert super ability here}
Mom2: My child has been doing that for ages, in fact, from the womb.

Ok… I’m just kidding here. But yes competition happens and it sucks that it does.  Instead of moms banding together they try to up one another be it a party, a toy, ability, family trip.
Whatever the case may be, I wish women would stop trying to tear each other down or make then feel less adequate. We should love on each other and encourage.  No one wins in motherhood. We all just try to do our best for our children.

So next time you think of putting another mama down be it straight to her face or with a sarcastic post on a social networking site or behind her back.  Think twice. Is that what you would want your children to learn from you?  Kids learn by example. Be a good one.

This hasn’t personally happened to me…at least I think not yet, but I hope it never does.  I hope that I’m surrounded by mothers that lift each other up. So fellow moms, this is my plea to you. It’s not a race so love on your children, love on your neighbor,  we have enough turmoil in the world to deal with pettiness.

Have a great day moms!