Battling Postpartum Weight

36 weeks pregnant

So I gained about 37-39 pounds during pregnancy. I didn’t weigh myself my last week of being pregnant so I’m not entirely sure but it should be around that.

I’m currently weighing 137.2 pounds as of today but it fluctuates between 136 and that, depends on the goodies I’ve consumed or not during my day. 
When I found out I was pregnant I was 4 weeks and weighing 129 pounds.  I stopped breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago. 🙁 (I’ll write about that on another post)
Anyhow, I’ve read that your body keeps those last 10 pounds while breastfeeding.. Maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone but it did happen to me. Ever since I’ve stopped I’ve gone down 2-3 lbs.
Now this is where the problem is…. I’m either too tired to exercise or too busy, most of the times both. Let’s not forget I’ve had major abdominal surgery which still kinda scares me to do many movements (I’m a sissy) – at 6 months I should apparently be all good… We’re almost there!And following a healthy food plan is not easy. I eat whenever I can, whatever I can… Just a few moments ago I was eating chips (hey, at least they were baked.. It’s veggie!)
Baby was hungry and so was I.. So I did the sensible thing. Grabbed a bag and his bottle and both of us were happy. Although he gets cuter and I ? Well… Not so cute. Ok…I’m not that bad but I could stand to lose 10-15 lbs… Maybe 20. 
So when will this actually take off? Who knows. I take care of 97% of all things Baby. Occasionally someone will pick Nico up or something. My job is 24/7 literally. God will have to intervene and give me divine strength to actually follow a workout/meal plan.
How about you? Any tips on losing the baby weight? Getting an exercise plan in place? I would love to know!!

Also!! Happy 5 months to this cutie pie! Mama loves you!

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  1. Most women don’t recover their pre-pregnancy weight by the first year post-baby. May I ask why you stopped breastfeeding? You actually lose an additional 400-500 calories by breastfeeding alone and it also helps your uterus return to its normal size faster. It’s usually recommended, if possible, for women to breastfeed for one year (baby exclusively breastfeeds for about 6 months, and then a combination of food and breast milk is introduced thereafter).

    You gained a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy and you are currently at a healthy weight so don’t rush this. Try a free app called MyFitnessPal to help you track your daily calories and exercise, logging what you eat is one of the most successful ways to lose weight and this app just makes it easy and convenient. You can also try for a sample menu and food ideas (including snacks other than potato chips!) that’s tailored to you (just put your info, like weight and height in and they’ll give you suggestions). For more information on counting your calorie needs, go here:

    As far as exercise goes, 1 hour of cardio (like a walk), 5 times per week, is now recommended for weight loss, and 30 minutes to maintain weight. But it’s always better to do some than none, so do what you can and by eating a healthy diet the weight will come off. You can exercise with your little one, it’s common here in NYC where women walk or run pushing their strollers; maybe you could give that a try! An exercise video might also be helpful, try Jillian Michaels' Shred it with Weights kettlebell workout (you can easily use a dumbbell if you don’t have a kettlebell) so you get both your cardio and weight training in, in 30 minutes!

    I hope this helps! Keep us posted on your progress. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m still a Nutrition student, but I’ll help where I can!

  2. Hi Suna,

    Thanks for all of your tips. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively but I just couldn't do it. It was quite painful at first.. where pieces of my nipple would fall off. Maybe for some women it comes normal, or it depends on the pregnancy but it was very painful for me. But I kept on going by pumping regularly, while formula feeding. I did it constantly for up to two months, with my mother around to help care for me ( I had a c-section) and baby. But trying to pump and care for baby while breastfeeding and formula feeding was just too much to handle. I stopped pumping and kept just BF and FF, but my supply wasn't keeping up with baby's hunger. It got to the point at 4 months where he would just refuse to take the breast.. he wanted more of a flow I suppose and my supply just wasn't there for him. He wouldn't stop crying until I gave him a bottle. I still insisted on giving the breast after he had his bottle or when he was sleepy. But now at 5 months I'm all dried up and if I put him to the breast to stimulate it. He'll grab it once.. and let go. I do it when he's not Super hungry.. but he doesn't want it. I am sad about it but breastfeeding just wasn't as pleasant an experience as some moms make it out to be. Or maybe my breasts are just too sensitive.

    As far as exercising… sometimes I'll do some squats and we'll walk when days aren't too hot.. I'm definitely not sitting around.
    Honestly I'm not too worried now… but i will soon.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ellen, tenho feito assim:
    1. Ela acorda entre 5 ou 6 am e mama. Depois da mamada ela dorme de novo até 8:30-9:00 então eu corro pra academia (not literally) ja que o pai está em casa dormindo e se ela acordar ele pode entrete-la até eu voltar OU quando da errado de manha eu dou mama umas 18:30 depois o pai da banho e poe no berço! A próxima mamada é lá pela 23 então eu uso esse intervalo! Usando o marido é a solução! Ahhhh os extra lbs realmente ficaram! Preciso perder uns 3kgs… Na verdade preciso perder a flacidez! Hahahahaha

  4. Eu fiquei com "the mom pouch" acho que a cesaria nao deu muito certo comigo, definitivamente nao tinha isso antes e nao passei dos limites recomendaveis pra engordar na gravidez. Vou ter que me esforcar bem pra isso sair.. se eh que isso sai. Quando ele era mais novo eu podeira ate ter feito assim.. mais como estava de repouso de cirurgia nao tinha muito que fazer. E agora que posso.. ele nao dorme muito tempo durante o dia mais, eu tenho que escolher o que vou fazer com cuidado.. Sera que vou colocar roupa pra lavar? comer? arrumar a casa? ele me da entre 2-3 horas diarias dormindo, as vezes eh meia hora, as vezes eh uma, mais o tempo de dormir e mama ja passou faz um tempinho. Eh sempre na atividade com ele. Mais aos poucos espero entrar num ritimo melhor que possa ser mais ativa. E tambem nao ajuda que meu marido nao fica com ele se eu nao tiver por perto, tem medo de fazer algo errado, entao o maximo que tenho "sozinha" sao meus 10 minutinhos de banho, e depois que o Nicolas dormiu a noite. Ai ele vai ate de manha. Comeco as preparacoes pra dormir as 6:30, banho, mama, ler livrinho (se nao estiver com muito sono) e fico com ele no quarto ate ele pegar num sono mais profundo. Ai saio do quarto entra as 7:40-8:20 ai vou fazer janta e pronto. Nao aguento fazer mais nada. Soh quero sentar no sofa, 10 horas eh cama, porque 6:30 -7:30 da manha eh hora de levantar. Se ele nao acordar de madrugada.. o que ele tem feito essas ultimas semanas ( entre 3:30-4:30 am) . Engracado que quanto mais eu durmo, mais agente quer.

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