New Year’s Resolution \\ Be Here, Not There. 

Now that the New Year has rolled around we are eager to begin our “new life” with a different attitude. I’ve always written down New Year’s resolution or at least things I’d like to accomplish or start. I don’t take it too seriously which is most likely why I fail on completing the list in it’s entirety.

According to wikipedia: A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior.

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Home Try-on | Help Me Choose My New Frames

I like easy. Do you like that too? Being a stay at home mom that works out of the home I try to get things done mostly online. I’ve been on the market for new frames for a long time. I have myopia and my prescription from the exam I did in the beginning of the year is starting to bore a hole in my wallet, taunting me. Continue reading “Home Try-on | Help Me Choose My New Frames”

Supercharge Your At Home Facials

I remember when I was a teenager a few short years ago (Don’t laugh) I was obsessed with masks and at home facials. I’m not kidding! Egg masks, putting ice on my face… whatever it was I tried it.

Of course being such a young girl I didn’t have access to fancy treatments and masks so a girl had to improvise and use mama’s products/pantry goodies.  Now that I’m older I still obsess over facial products, taking care of my skin has always been important and it just makes a lady feel better! Continue reading “Supercharge Your At Home Facials”

How to Boost Your Family’s Immunity + Giveaway

immunity-boosting-tipsThe Cold & Flu season is here and you can help boost your family’s immunity by following these easy steps. Keeping our families healthy is on top of our to do list, you can easily prepare your home & family to help fight colds & flu.

With toddlers in the home, the chances of someone coming down with something is a given. They love sticking their hands in their mouths and touch anything they come in contact with.

Knowing this, it’s important to be on top of our families habits. You can help boost their natural immunity with these easy steps that you can begin today. Continue reading “How to Boost Your Family’s Immunity + Giveaway”